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Salvatore wants you to destroy the Cartel's ship, which he believes is a SPANK factory.


This mission is divided into two acts for some reason, probably due to the money.

Act One[edit]

Drive to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop and stand in the corona. He says he can organise the explosives necessary but it'll cost $100,000. Since you probably have that and more by this time, just step in the corona once more.

Act Two[edit]

8-Ball now takes $100,000; if you fail this mission on the PS2 and Xbox you get it back, but you do NOT get it back on the PC GTAIII and GTA: Liberty City ports. Bear this in mind.

8-Ball gives you a Sniper Rifle as a gift; well, not really, it seems you lose it after this mission. If you haven't used one before feel free to test out the zoom and overall feel of the weapon; PC users may want to adjust their mouse accuracy. Anyway, drive him to the docks. 8-Ball says he'll hide until he hears the first shot, so be VERY careful about firing the rifle or any other weapon until you're absolutely ready to go.

After he runs off and hides, go around the BACK of the building directly to your right, if you go around the front they'll spot you and you're probably both done for. On the way you'll spot an Adrenaline Pill; grab it, then continue up the stairs on the wall. Stop at the top of this first stairwell. You can go higher if you wish, but this isn't necessary, and you're actually closer to your targets by standing here.

Zoom in all the way, and be sure to hold down the zoom button for the entire mission! First shoot the leftmost guy beside the Crusher, then shoot the other guy. Look up and shoot the red barrels, they'll explode. Swing over to the right and snipe anyone else, shooting more drums if you spot them. Once you've cleared everyone out of the way and the cabins of the ship come up in your reticle, you can finally release the zoom button. 8-Ball runs in, sets the bomb, and runs away; for some reason the bomb blows up the moment he leaves, but he makes it out safely anyway.



New Missions Available[edit]

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