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Bullion Run
Provider GTA3 Icon D-Ice.png D-Ice

A plane has dropped heavy gold bars around Pike Creek. Bring 30 of them to a lockup but watch out for the weight slowing you down.

In this unique mission you need to collect the gold pickups scattered around the downtown area. You have 6 minutes to get to the area and bring them to the nearby garage, and there are more than 30 pieces available so you don't need to collect them all. Each pickup will slow you down, so with most cars you want to take them in once you collect 8-10 or you slow down too much. Heavier cars can carry more bars with less penalty.

As you deposit the gold you will gain wanted levels, so consider reducing your level between drop-offs if you have time unless you are confident about evading the police in slow-speed chases. Once you drop off your 30th piece, you'll lose your stars.