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'Dead Skunk In The Trunk' (02:55)
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'Cipriani's Chauffer' (Joey)


One of the Forellis has been killed and you must take the car to the crusher to get rid of the evidence.


There are a variety of ways to do this mission.

The Getaway[edit]

Grab the car and get out of there as quickly as possible. Once you get to Chinatown you may be able to cut corners and weave through traffic to shake them.


Put a bus or several cars around each Forelli brother's car. Be careful though, the slightest bump will set them off chasing you. Then grab the car. While they're busy trying to ram through you can get clean away.

Reverse Ambush[edit]

This one's simple. Just use whatever weapon you have that will destroy the Forelli brother in the parking lot as quickly as possible, like a grenade or rocket launcher. Heck, you could even snipe him if you want.

Then grab a vehicle other than the mission car (such as that minivan there) and drive a safe distance away. When you get the chance bail out and stand on top of it. The other Forelli will catch up and start crashing around trying to hit you, this is why you're standing on the vehicle. Hit him with whatever you want.

When he's on fire run the heck away, as he'll likely chase you and take you out with him. This is also why you left the parking lot, to ensure he doesn't destroy the mission car.

Ramming Speed[edit]

Grab a sturdy vehicle such as a Fire Truck or Patriot (or even a Belly-Up Fish Van would do) and go to the dock entrance to the right of the parking lot. Slam into the Forelli there, drive-bying him whenever you get the chance. They'll both start ramming you but you have the sturdier vehicle. When your vehicle starts to get really damaged bail and blow it up. You could also use one of 8-Ball's carbombs for this. Then just shoot the survivors.

The Ending[edit]

Keep the Manana
If you want to keep a Manana with a butchered body in the trunk forever, see the Vehicles page for more.

Regardless of what method you chose, get the car to the crusher, get out, and watch your cash go up!


$10,000, plus money from using the crusher, plus the instant bonus for each Forelli killed (you collect this even if you subsequently fail the mission).

New Missions Available[edit]

'The Getaway' (Joey)