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Donald Love Escort Service


Once again, Donald's old friend needs assistance. This time, a police contingent is waiting for his Securicar to emerge from a meetup so they can arrest him. You are to drive the Securicar off premises (with the six-star wanted level it brings) for three minutes so the gentleman can escape. If you get out of the car or it takes too much damage, you fail the mission.


This one is straightforward but if you haven't been misbehaving this might be your first time seeing the highest wanted level. Fortunately the Securicar starts near two locations that confuse police pursuers and can allow you to run out the clock. For both you can jump out of the starting parking lot using the ramp to your right and head towards the lift bridge.

Option 1: Airport Tarmac: Police don't spawn as frequently near the runways. so take the access road on the right side of the airport through the gates and drive up and down them until the timer runs down. You have plenty of room to maneuver, there's no normal traffic so you can outrun the helicopters, you can use the parked aircraft to trip up pursuers. Note that the planes performing takeoffs and landings have no collision.

Option 2: Porter Tunnel: The other more interesting option is to pass the airport and head down into the tunnels underground. Law enforcement will be more present here (plus all the civilians) but the large median blocks off the cops' favorite 'head-on crash' technique and forces them to pursue in your direction for the most part. You do run the risk of getting stuck in a pileup where you're a sitting duck for destruction or, even more embarrassing, getting busted.

Generally it will be much harder to survive if you stay on surface roads as you will experience constant roadblocks and PIT maneuvers.


Donald Love Love's Disappearance