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'Don't SPANK Ma Bitch Up' (03:45)
Watch a short video walkthrough of this mission.


'Luigi's Girls' (Luigi)


Claude is handed a letter that reads as follows...

"There is a new high on the street goes by the name of SPANK. Some wiseguy's been introducing this trash to my girls down Portland Harbor. Go and introduce a bat to his face! Then take his car, respray it. I want compensation for this insult!"

The mission is as simple as that.


At the end of the cutscene, a baseball bat is conveniently made available to you. But since you probably already have a bat from outside your hideout, just get in a car and go find him.

Drive over to Portland Harbor and either whack him or just run him over. These particular girls aren't Luigi's, so don't worry about running them over.

Once he's dead grab the marked car and drive to the Pay N' Spray. This time around it's free but from now on it will cost $1000. You can visit there and other branches around the city to respray your car at any point. Getting a respray also fully repairs any damage to the vehicle.

Now follow the marker to Luigi's garage. Park the car and exit the garage to complete the mission.


$4000, plus any money from the girls you ran over.

New Mission Available[edit]

'Drive Misty For Me' (Luigi)