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'Pump-Action Pimp' (01:30)
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'Mike Lips Last Lunch' (Joey)


"Chunky" is selling SPANK in Chinatown with his noodle stand as a front.


This mission has many solutions.

Nothing But Flats[edit]

For all of these methods, popping the tires of both his Perenniels is a good idea as this makes his getaway cars virtually useless. Just drive around the block until you've spotted both of them.

Nowhere to Run[edit]

Take the Perenniels and dump them in the ocean, or blow them up, or whatever. Chunky will then have to escape on foot, meaning you can catch the fat fool effortlessly.

Sniper Rifle[edit]

Get a sniper rifle (from collecting enough Hidden Packages). Go to the southern entrance and give Chunky a headache he'll never forget.


Take one or both of Chunky's Perenniels to 8-Ball's bomb shop. Arm the bomb and get out. If you only used one bomb destroy the other car or dump it in the sea or something. Chunky will always run to the nearest car.

When he starts the engine, BOOM!


Go to the tunnel behind 8-Ball's bomb shop, you can also access this from behind Supa Save. In there are some tramps drinking bottles that upon closer inspection turn out to be molotov cocktails. Run them down and you should get four molotovs. Drive back and throw them in Chunky's general direction, they've got enough spread that your aim can be terrible and you'll still roast him.

This can only be done or only works in the GTA: Liberty City mod for Vice City. Driveby[edit]

Stock up on Uzi ammo, probably from Hidden Packages. Then ride your PCJ between the posts, shooting as you go. If you don't hit him with your bullets or your bike he might make it to his car, so just fill it full of lead. Simple. Just don't drive so slowly that the Triads are able to knock you off your bike and you'll be fine.



New Missions Available[edit]

'Van Heist' (Joey)