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Kanbu Bust Out (Kenji)


Kenji wants you to obtain the cars on the list to a man who Kenji once tried to thank for his kindness. He wants you to deliver the cars to a garage behind the car park in Newport. You will have to get the three cars (dimmed pink dots) and return each one to the garage (bright pink dot) within 5:00 minutes.


Head west from Kenji's to get the first car. You will see the drop-off point on the radar (it is next to the Pay'n'Spray). Try not to damage the car, but if you do you can get it repaired just before dropping it off. Once you have dropped off a car, run down the ramp and steal the car opposite to get to the next. The remaining two cars can be got in either order.



New Missions Available[edit]

'Deal Steal' (Kenji)