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At two locations on the Portland Docks and Pike Creek in Shoreside Vale, the player can deliver cars from a list of requests to get rewards and progress towards 100%. There are three lists to complete.

Once all the vehicles on a particular list are delivered, the garage will make them permanently available for free.

Portland List[edit]

The majority of these are civilian utility vehicles, and most can be found in Portland. The Securicar, Trashmaster, Mr. Whoopee and Bus tend to be more scarce so players seeking 100% completion should keep an eye out for opportunities during missions to nab them.

Reward: $1,000 each + $200,00 on completion

Image Name Acquisition
GTA3 Cars Securicar.jpg
Securicar The armored Securicar truck is a VERY rare vehicle spawn, and can be annoying to find.

Your safest bet is to get one during a mission. To keep it you'll need to put it in your garage and destroy it. This will fail the mission, but you'll keep the Securicar.The one mission where you can keep it without failing or blowing it up is Grand Theft Auto III Map Icon - Donald Decoy. They can also be encountered during Firefighter missions.

Alternatively, standing at the intersection in Aspatria directly southwest of the stadium and rotating the camera between the road directions to quickly spawn and despawn traffic seems to have the best success rate for finding one in the wild.

GTA3 Cars Moonbeam.jpg
Moonbeam Larger boxy van. Found across Portland. One can be found parked north of Toni's restaurant in Saint Mark's.
GTA3 Cars Coach.jpg
Coach Passenger bus. There is a bus depot in Trenton very near the docks where these are parked.
GTA3 Cars Flatbed.jpg
Flatbed These can often be induced to spawn by getting the Barracks OL military truck from Phil's place on north Staunton Island and driving it around the stadium.
GTA3 Cars Linerunner.jpg
Linerunner Semi truck without a trailer. These are often parked around the Portland harbor.
GTA3 Cars Trashmaster.jpg
Trashmaster Garbage truck. These are fairly rare and can sometimes be found in Staunton and on Firefighter missions. Early on in the game you can acquire one from the mission Grand Theft Auto III Map Icon - Tony Blow Fish.
GTA3 Cars Patriot.jpg
Patriot Classic Humvee vehicle. One is parked at the Supa Save parking lot between the harbor and Callahan Bridge (just get out of the car to cancel the off-road checkpoint mission).
GTA3 Cars MrWhoopee.jpg
Mr. Whoopee Another very rare ice-cream truck. If you haven't beaten the mission Grand Theft Auto III Map Icon - El Burro I Scream, You Scream that is the easiest place to get one. Otherwise Firefighter missions have a slightly higher spawn rate.
GTA3 Cars Blista.jpg
Blista Four-door minivan, common on Staunton Island. Frequently found parked around Newport including in the parking garage.
GTA3 Cars Mule.jpg
Mule Large box truck with an overhang over the cab that is common in the harbor area. Triad Fish Van won't work.
GTA3 Cars Yankee.jpg
Yankee Another large box truck with no overhang that is common in the harbor area.
GTA3 Cars Bobcat.jpg
Bobcat Pickup truck that can be found in Portland. There is one parked on the beach under the cliffside mansion near the docks.
GTA3 Cars Dodo.jpg
Dodo Fixed-wing plane that can be stolen at the airport. Recommend driving it back on the roads because flying (and especially landing anywhere coherent) is not easy in this GTA installment.
GTA3 Cars Bus.jpg
Bus Can be found in Chinatown and Aspatria, although uncommon.
GTA3 Cars Rumpo.jpg
Rumpo Large utility van often found in Trenton. Hoods Rumpo XL won't work.
GTA3 Cars Pony.jpg
Pony Medium utility van often found in Trenton.

Portland Crane[edit]

This location is not a garage with a visible list, but instead a yellow striped area with an electromagnetic crane hovering above it on the docks very near the Portland list. Park the vehicles in the yellow zone and the crane will lift them onto the ship nearby. Note that if you move too far from the crane before the vehicle is dropped, you won't receive the reward. Move closer to the crane again and it should trigger.

Reward: $1,500 each + $200,00 on completion

Image Name Acquisition
GTA3 Cars Ambulance.jpg
Ambulance The hospital is just up the road from the docks in Portland.
GTA3 Cars PoliceCar.jpg
Police Car The police station is just up the road from the docks in Portland (the parked cars will be locked randomly). You can also steal one from a cop, but getting knocked to the ground by their door when they get out is an automatic arrest so beware.
GTA3 Cars FireTruck.jpg
Fire Truck One can usually be found at the fire station near the car dealership in Portland.
GTA3 Cars Enforcer.jpg
Enforcer These SWAT vehicles spawn at 4-star wanted levels, or one can be found in the Staunton police station parking lot.
GTA3 Cars BarracksOL.jpg
Barracks OL One is parked at Phil's place on north Staunton.
GTA3 Cars FBICar.jpg
FBI Car These souped-up Kurumas spawn at 5-star wanted levels. These are very tough to steal in the open without getting killed by the agents inside. At 5-star wanted levels they will spawn ahead of you as stationary roadblocks, with some luck you might be able to run over the occupants and grab one before you're shot.

If you have several wanted star icons at your safehouse from doing Vigilante missions, it's possible to raise a ruckus on the street and lure cops into the safehouse alley on Staunton where you can raise your wanted level from a covered location with health and armor pickups. Once FBI Cars arrive on the scene, use the star icons to reduce your wanted level and try to steal one before they drive off.

GTA3 Cars Rhino.jpg
Rhino None other than the formidable tank that spawns at 6-star wanted levels, the Rhino becomes readily available at Phil's place once you complete the story.

Before then, it's possible to lure one into the Staunton Island safehouse using a similar (more dangerous) method to the FBI Car method above.

Shoreside Vale List[edit]

This least features several high-end sports cars as well as older cars and taxis. One car (the BF Injection) can only be found in a specific spot, but the others are generally common across the city.

Reward: $1,000 each + $200,00 on completion

Image Name Acquisition
GTA3 Cars Sentinel.jpg
Sentinel Fairly common in Staunton. Mafia Sentinel won't work.
GTA3 Cars Cheetah.jpg
Cheetah Commonly found in Shoreside Vale.
GTA3 Cars Banshee.jpg
Banshee Available at the car dealership in Portland, common on Staunton.
GTA3 Cars Idaho.jpg
Idaho Common beater car in Staunton.
GTA3 Cars Infernus.jpg
Infernus Commonly found in Shoreside.
GTA3 Cars Taxi.jpg
Taxi Liberty City's standard taxi cab.
GTA3 Cars Kuruma.jpg
Kuruma Commonly found in Staunton and Shoreside.
GTA3 Cars Stretch.jpg
Stretch These frequently spawn around Kenji's casino in Staunton.
GTA3 Cars Perennial.jpg
Perennial Common beater car in Portland.
GTA3 Cars Stinger.jpg
Stinger Commonly found in Shoreside Vale. Yakuza Stinger won't work.
GTA3 Cars Manana.jpg
Manana Common beater car in Portland.
GTA3 Cars Landstalker.jpg
Landstalker One is guaranteed to spawn in Belleville Park, and it's common in the neighborhoods of Shoreside.
GTA3 Cars Stallion.jpg
Stallion Commonly found in Trenton. Diablo Stallion won't work.
GTA3 Cars BFInjection.jpg
BF Injection This vehicle does not spawn randomly on the roads. After ending your relationship with Salvatore, this can be found near El Burro's phone in Hepburn Heights at night.
GTA3 Cars Cabbie.jpg
Cabbie The larger, more classic-looking taxis around the city.
GTA3 Cars Esperanto.jpg
Esperanto Commonly found in Rockford.