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'Kingdom Come' (04:14)
Watch a short video walkthrough of this mission.

This is one of the more interesting missions in the GTA series. As the plot goes, it's a typical betrayal: your girlfriend has sold you out—again—this time to the Yardies you've been working for. King Courtney tells you he needs a stash from a car, and you have 90 seconds to get to it. It's best to have a fast car from your garage with you when you begin this mission as you may end up doing it a few times. Once you get inside the car, several vans will appear alone with madmen in suicide vests. Bombers will keep coming after you until all the vans are destroyed, and you must kill any bombers left over after all the vans are gone. This can be a pretty difficult mission, unless you elect to cop out and run around outside the parking lot and up on the roof of an adjacent building.