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'Last Requests' (03:56)
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'Bomb Da Base' (Salvatore)

WARNING: By accepting this mission, you can consider your ties with the Mafia severed. So make sure that you complete all of Luigi's, Joey's and Tony's missions before accepting this one. Otherwise these missions will become inaccessible to you and obtaining 100% completion of the game becomes impossible. You might also want to complete any other job that you want to finish in Portland (especially for 100% completion) because after this mission they can be quite a nuisance.


So, now you're a made man you'll only be given the really important jobs, right? Wrong. Now he wants you to take a messed-up car to the crusher before the cops find it.


Head to the blip to pick the car up. On the way Maria pages you, telling you it's a trap. So grab a car and go meet her.

She introduces you to Asuka, a Yakuza crime lord. Now drive the boat over to the marker beside Staunton Island.


$20,000, new Hideout, Asuka mission arc opened, Callahan Bridge repaired and Staunton Island unlocked

New Missions Available[edit]

'Sayonara Salvatore' (Asuka)