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'Salvatore's Called A Meeting' (05:43)
Watch a short video walkthrough of this mission.


'The Pick-Up' (Toni)


Salvatore Leone, the don of the Mafia, has called a meeting to discuss the combined Triad and Cartel menace. You'll need to pick up the limo and Joey, then pick up Luigi and Toni and drive to the mansion.


This is your only chance to get the Everythingproof Stretch, if you want it. See the Vehicles page for more.

Drive to Joey's garage and collect the Stretch along with Joey. Now drive to Sex Club 7 and pick up Luigi, sound the horn to let him know you're there.

Now drive to Momma's Restaurant in St. Marks and pick up Toni, sounding the horn once more.

Toni says, "No fancy crap!" but just then that is exactly what is required. A small army of Triads and Belly-Up Fish Vans are coming from all directions, hoping to knock off all the Mafia leaders at once.

This can only be done or only works in the GTA: Liberty City mod for Vice City. Shut already!
The garage sometimes won't close. Get out and destroy any vans and Triads left and then take the Stretch for a lap around the block. This frees up the memory and makes the garage close properly.

Drive up the hill as fast as possible, cutting corners and weaving through traffic in the hopes of crashing or delaying the Fish Vans.

When you reach the mansion you'll see that the Triads have blocked the gate. There's a gap to the right though, so you can either squeeze through there or just crash your way through the vans and men.

Be careful when entering the driveway to not cut the corner at the end and end up rolling down to the seashore. While you can survive this if you land right-way up, getting the slow Stretch back up the hill requires going the long way around.

Drive into the garage to finish the mission.



New Missions Available[edit]

'Chaperone' (Salvatore)

NOTE: after doing 'Salvatore's Called A Meeting' you cannot do any other missions until you have also completed 'Chaperone' (Salvatore). The other bosses' icons disappearing is not a glitch.