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'Sayonara Salvatore' (04:51)
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'Last Requests' (Salvatore)


Asuka is ready to give you work, but before she can you must prove you've broken your ties with the Mafia by assassinating Salvatore Leone.


This can only be done or only works in the GTA: Liberty City mod for Vice City. Having problems?
Some players have had problems doing this mission, see How to Complete Sayonara Salvatore? for possible solutions.

Salvatore is leaving Sex Club 7 exactly three in-game hours (three real-world minutes) from the time you start the mission.

There are endless ways to beat this mission. All you have to do is make sure Salvatore is dead before he enters the gate of his mansion. How you kill him, and where and when, is entirely open.

Probably the quickest way to get back to the club is by boat, but if you have a fast car (a Yakuza Stinger is conveniently parked out front) you can go across the newly-repaired Callahan Bridge.

Some popular methods follow.

Sniper on the Rooftops[edit]

Look for the alley in the block facing the club. Go up the stairs to the roof. Crouching is optional, but either way keep zoomed in and shoot the moment he emerges.

The disadvantage of this method is that if you miss you will have to quickly think of a new plan of attack; on the other hand if you don't miss you are safe from his trigger-happy bodyguards.

Sniper Down the Road[edit]

Alternately, park further down the block where you can get a straight line of fire at Salvatore as he comes out. If you miss him, shoot the driver. This will make Salvatore bail and change cars, giving you another crack at him, this time with a far longer distance he has to cross before getting to safety. Popping the heads of the guards and the other driver will likely help, as well as popping the tires of the car.

Hit and Run[edit]

Grab a fast car such as the Cheetah or Infernus and lie in wait not far from his Stretch. The moment he comes out run him down. This also allows for a speedy getaway. However if Salvatore manages to get into the car before you hit him you're royally screwed.

Club Roadblock[edit]

Head to the club as quickly as possible. If you get there fast enough no Mafia have spawned yet. If they have, this method won't work well.

Park a vehicle (preferably something like a bus but the Stinger will do fine) in front of the doorway of the club and then hide on the rooftops. When Salvatore and his men appear they'll try to get past it. Shoot the car, or throw grenades, or whatever.

Due to clipping bugs they might sometimes walk through the car and escape, so dealing collateral damage to the Sentinels might be a good idea to slow them down. If they don't die in the blast and don't pass through the wreckage, they're sitting ducks for whatever sort of weaponry you care to use.

Mansion Roadblock[edit]

Ignore the club altogether. Go to Salvatore's mansion and quickly jack as many cars as possible to form a roadblock. For a bit of irony, you might as well use the Mafia Sentinels conveniently parked there. Keep one car inside the barricade a good way away from the blockage, you'll use this as a vantage point in a minute.

Feel free to "tenderise" the blockade by damaging one or two cars ahead of time with any weapons on hand.

When Salvatore has almost arrived stand on the car you kept separate and unleash whatever weaponry you've got at the roadblock, a couple of grenades or an Uzi would be perfect for this.

While Salvatore's men are busy trying to ram through the blockade it explodes in their faces, taking them with it.

Even better if you weakened some cars ahead of time Salvatore's car might actually deal that last bit of damage to set everything off.

Also if you accidentally blow the barricade up too soon you have the advantage of being high enough up to shoot over it directly at Salvatore's car. Even if the blockade fails to destroy the car the burnt shells will still prevent them from getting to safety.

Garage Melee[edit]

If you beat Salvatore's car to the garage, drive straight in and it won't shut. Salvatore's car will either in or outside the garage (depending on whether you're blocking entry) and both Salvatore and his driver will get out and start shooting at you. Use your shotgun to make swift work of them.

Another method (again, assuming you beat Salvatore's car to the garage) is to park the two aforementioned Mafia Sentinels in front of the garage door, blocking entry. Run up onto the "deck" of the mansion and stand directly above the garage. Wait for Salvatore's car to pull in. Just before it reaches the garage, gently toss a grenade down onto the limo and run back towards the house to avoid taking any damage. This will completely destroy the limo, driver and Sal.

Grenade at the Club[edit]

Simply wait near the club, then use a grenade or molitov cocktail on the whole group as they emerge. Aim for the space between the parked cars and the club.

This can only be done or only works in the GTA: Liberty City mod for Vice City. Drive-By[edit]

Grab a heap of uzi ammo and a PCJ and get about half a block away from the club, within shooting distance in other words.

Now when Salvatore comes out you can race towards him, shooting as you go. When he goes down high-tail it out of there. If you didn't shoot quickly enough then just run him down and hope that they don't shoot you while you sail past.

Alternately, when the cars turn up blast the one to pieces (an AK or rocket launcher might help). If the other car survives Salvatore will get in and drive off. Then just tail it and fill it full of lead. With no spare car ready to knock you off your bike, Salvatore doesn't stand a chance.


This can only be done or only works in the GTA: Liberty City mod for Vice City. No More Food
After this mission you can never eat at Marco's Bistro in St. Marks again.

$25,000, plus whatever loot you grab from Salvatore's corpse (if there's anything left)

New Missions Available[edit]

'Under Surveillance' (Asuka)
'Bling-Bling Scramble' (King Courtney)