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'Taking Out The Laundry' (03:46)
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'Cipriani's Chauffer' (Joey)


You must blow up three Triad Fish Vans. Grenades are supplied over at 8-Ball's if you want them, but the battle plan is up to you.


The most important thing is to not hit any of the vans in any way until you absolutely intend to. If you bump or attack one of the vans the driver will drive madly to escape, making their destruction difficult. However they will ignore the impact of any vehicle not currently driven by you, so it is possible to ram other cars into them.

Note that any damage dealt to the vans mysteriously disappears the moment they leave your draw distance. However their evasion status is not reset, making their destruction harder.

The easiest way is to place a roadblock vehicle in the van's path and get out and wait for it. When it stops run up to it and jack it. If you're too slow in your approach the driver will see you coming and back up to escape. However this will not set him on a madcap escape, he merely takes an alternate route and still drives normally and stops at lights as before. But since the vans are pretty slow in reverse you should still be able to catch him if he backs up.

Then you can just blow it up or smash it up or toss it in the sea or whatever. You can even choose to use it to drive on to the second van and blow both up with a chain reaction.

Either way, repeat this technique for the second van. The third van is somehow aware of the other vans' demise and doesn't seem to stop at stop-lights. You will need to create a major blockage to catch this one, either that or unleash heavy firearms on it.

New Missions Available[edit]

'The Pick-Up' (Toni)