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'The Fuzz Ball' (05:44)
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'Pump-Action Pimp' (Luigi)


There's a policeman's ball at the old school hall. Luigi wants you to take as many girls as you can to the ball before the cops just drink their money away instead of using his girls' services.

You need to deliver four girls there within the time limit. Any more than that and you get a bonus.


The locations of all the girls.

Get a four-door car, a taxi or police car would be perfect for this. Drive and pick up girls in groups of three that are the closest together and then drop them off.

You can use the police car's siren to move other vehicles out of the way, or the taxi's sheer durability to just ram down the centre line.

Alternately, grab a bus and pick up ALL the girls in a couple of laps around the city. With all eight girls delivered, you'll have a sweet $4000 in the bank in no time.

Be careful, if you run a girl over and kill her it's an instant mission fail.


$2000, plus $500 for each girl beyond the minimum. Completion of Luigi mission arc.

New Missions Available[edit]