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'The Getaway' (03:20)
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'Dead Skunk In The Trunk' (Joey)
Time of day: 06:00–14:00


Some of Joey's friends are doing a bank job and need a getaway driver. You need to get them to the bank before the 5:00 closing time.


Get a four-door and head to their hideout, then drive to the bank in Chinatown.

After they make their withdrawal you've got a three-star wanted level.

There's an alleyway north of the bank, you can get a bribe there. This will turn down the heat allowing you to get to the Pay 'n' Spray. Once you've lost the cops drive to the hideout and drop them off.

NOTE: sometimes a glitch (or a deliberate feature?) will cause only two of the robbers to come back out of the bank, but this doesn't matter. You only need to bring one of the robbers back to finish the mission so if some get run down while changing cars or something it won't matter.


$30,000, completion of Joey mission arc.

New Missions Available[edit]