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'The Pick-Up' (03:14)
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'Taking Out The Laundry' (Toni)


Claude has been asked by Toni to pick up the money the laundry owes him. When you get to the laundry, you find that the Triads want to make you pay for what you did to their laundry vans.


There is more than one way to do this mission

Shooting Method[edit]

Once you pick up the cash, you'll be surrounded by triads armed with baseball bats. Use a gun if you have one, or just use the baseball bat. The flamethrower provided by El Burro in 'Trial By Fire' is particularly effective. Regardless, make sure that they don't surround you. One of them will get into a Triad fish van. You'll need to kill him fast before he gets away. When all of them are dead, get the cash to Toni.

Running over Method[edit]

This method is slightly more complex. Drive into the pick-up zone and position your car so that you can quickly escape out of the leftmost exit. Get out of the car, get the money and drive out of there as fast as possible. Drive to the Fire station, steal a fire engine and run over/ram them until they're dead. Then get the cash to Toni.



New Mission Available[edit]

'Salvatore's Called A Meeting' (Toni)