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'The Wife' (02:46)
Watch a short video walkthrough of this mission.


'The Thieves' (Marty)
Time of day: 09:00–19:00


Marty is almost bankrupt because of his wife's spending habits, so he's going to find a more permanent solution for her problem and claim her life insurance as a consolation prize.


Pick up the Esperanto, pick up Mrs. Chonks, and drop her off for yet another "talk". This is followed once again by evidence to get rid of; this time you have to drive to the docks and dump it in the ocean, the edgeless area near the car crusher is the best.

This can only be done or only works in the original GTA III. Get out of the car and push it into the water.
This can only be done or only works in the GTA: Liberty City mod for Vice City. You can do that, or race towards the edge and bail out at the last minute.



New Missions Available[edit]

'Her Lover' (Marty)