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'Two-Faced Tanner' (04:42)
Video walkthrough for Two-Faced Tanner.

Asuka lefts a note for Claude, which states that the Yakuza's police informant has said to them that one of their drivers is an undercover cop. She then tasks Claude to kill him.

Claude then heads to Kenji's Casino in Torrington. Once there, the driver is seen hopping onto his car. Claude then follows the car and tries to damage it enough to make him pull out of his car, all while having a four-star wanted level. Once he has left the car, Claude quickly kills him.


You can block Tanner's Car with a heavy Truck (like the Firetruck or the Barracks OL);

You get 4 star wanted level only when you deal any kind of damage, so it would be smart to wait before shooting him.