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Uzi Money
Provider GTA3 Icon D-Ice.png D-Ice
Requirements GTA3 Icon Donald.png A Drop in the Ocean
Rewards GTA3 Icon D-Ice.png Toyminator

D-Ice gives you 150 seconds to kill 20 Purple Nines gang members using a drive-by uzi with infinite ammo.

This is basically a rampage mission and there isn't much to it. Only the purple gang members in Wichita Gardens count for this mission, but watch out for the red gang members who can also become hostile and attempt to pull you from your car.

Keep an eye on your wanted level and when you think your car is about to catch fire drive a distance away to swap cars if you want to minimize pain.

Glitch: There is a known glitch in the PS2 and emulated versions of the game. After players complete all of D-Ice's missions, the Purple Nines are eliminated from the game and will no longer spawn. However if players then start a new file without restarting the game, it's possible to carry this condition over into the new save so that this mission cannot be completed in that game. Unfortunately there is no known way to repair a save file with this issue.