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Common Vehicles[edit]

Uncommon Vehicles[edit]

Cars that either spawn relatively infrequently or are only available under certain conditions.

Gang Vehicles[edit]

Emergency Vehicles[edit]

Boats & Aircraft[edit]

Unique Vehicles[edit]

These are special versions of the above vehicles that are only available during certain missions. Many of these are immune to bullets, damage, fire, or some combination. Many are also intended to be used by the AI and not the player, and thus may require some preparation to acquire.

Bulletproof Securicar[edit]

This one's obvious, Joey even tells Claude it's a bulletproof. Just play 'Van Heist' (Joey) normally, but put it in your own garage instead of the Securicar cracking one. Then blow it up with weapons or a cheat code and let the door close. You've failed the mission, but you've got the consolation prize of a Bulletproof Securicar.

Everything-proof Stretch[edit]

This can be acquired during 'Salvatore's Called A Meeting'. It is only everything-proof when it's in the garage; it seems that the designers didn't want anything damaging the vehicle before it came into use, so they made it impervious to all damage until after the cutscene where it backs out of the garage. It's one of the more annoying vehicles to get, but it's more robust than a tank. Absolutely nothing in the GTA world can destroy it save flipping it over or the "blow up cars" cheat.

Begin the mission and drive to Joey's. DO NOT touch the blue corona. Take a vehicle such as a Belly-Up Fish Van and park it on a diagonal with the wall. Then enter the "speed up time" cheat twice and run into the wedge space between the two. With luck you should be forced through the door and into the garage. Now you have it, back up into the door. The car will go through it in a weird way and into the famous Blue Hell. After falling for a while and losing some health, the car will relocate outside the garage. Weird.

After you've acquired the car through whichever method, use the Cars Can Fly cheat and fly it over to Staunton Island. Don't worry, you can still get 100% completion. Visit 8-Ball's bomb shop, rig it up, and then put it in the Staunton Island garage and blow it up without the door closing. Then allow the door to close and when it opens it will be repaired.

Other Notes Whatever you do, don't take it to a Pay 'n' Spray. Just like the Asukamobile in GTA Advance this is a unique colour; if you paint it, it will lose its jet-black tone and you can never restore it.

Bulletproof Barracks OL[edit]

During 'Arms Shortage' (Ray) just jump in the Barracks and drive it away. The Cartel will kill Phil, you fail the mission, but you keep the Barracks. Phil's Barracks OL is ONLY bulletproof during this one mission, so if you want it be sure to get it.

Everything-proof Bobcat[edit]

This can only be acquired during 'Evidence Dash' (Ray). Be sure to have your garage empty ahead of time. You need a Barracks OL, You can get this from Phil's Army Surplus, the place you went to in 'Arms Shortage' (Ray). You want to try to flip the Bobcat over. When it does so it will catch on fire and the game will give the standard "it's a decoy!" message. Then push the shell back to your garage. Don't let it out of your sight or it will vanish. After the garage closes the vehicle will be repaired.

Bulletproof Patriot[edit]

Complete the mission 'Marked Man' (Ray) and it is part of your reward at the end. Be sure to stow this in a garage, it will be VERY handy later in the game.

Dead-Skunk Corpse Manana[edit]

Want to keep a Manana with a butchered body in the back forever? This can only be acquired during the mission 'Dead Skunk In The Trunk' (Joey).

Take it to your Hideout instead of the crusher after killing both Forellis. Ensure you have full armor and health. Next, put it in the garage and get out but stay in the garage yourself. Then blow the car up, severely wounding you and failing the mission. Now leave the garage and allow it to close. When you open it next you'll have the dead skunk still in the trunk. Unlike the other unique cars this has no resistant qualities; all it is is a crappy car with a body in the back, but still an interesting collectible.

Ghost Ship[edit]

In 'Gone Fishing' (Ray), Ray's partner is driving this mysterious boat. It has no textures or reflection properties so appears in a solid color. On the PS2 it is named the "Ghost MISSING" and appears blue, while on the PC it is merely called the "Ghost" and appears black.

Simply drive the boat near to Ray's partner and then snipe him or use an M-16 when he gets close. Unfortunately this boat cannot be stashed in a garage, but is still an interesting oddity. Refer to this GTAForums thread for more about this boat.