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'Waka-Gashira Wipeout' (03:05)
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'Liberator' (Donald Love)


Donald Love wants real estate prices to drop, so he asks Claude to eliminte Kenji Kasen. You are to run him over with a Cartel Cruiser, so that the Columbians are blamed for Kenji's death. This will start a gang war that will in turn cause the price of real estate in the area to plummet.

WARNING: Make sure that you complete all of Kenji's missions before accepting this one. Otherwise these missions will become inaccessible to you and obtaining 100% completion of the game becomes impossible.


First get a Cartel Cruiser. You can find them roaming about in Fort Staunton and Liberty Campus. Your job will be easier if you managed to store a Cartel Cruiser in your garage during 'Liberator'. Now head to the multi-storey car-park with minimum amount of damage. If it's too damaged, get it repaired at the nearby Pay 'n' Spray.

Make your way right to the top of the car-park in Newport. When you're near the top, a cutscene will show Kenji's position. Drive on and do not leave the car or you'll fail the mission. There may be vehicles parked in your way, just keep driving towards Kenji without trying to avoid any obstacles. You can either run him over or do a drive-by, but make sure that he's dead.

Do not leave the car now. Kenji's men are shooting at you, so you'll need to get out of there fast. Either use the jump ramp on the same level of the car-park, or get out the same way you came in. Your objective now is to get out of Newport. Once on the ground, make your way through the orange walkway opposite the car park. It leads to the park. Once at the other side you can get out and pass the mission.



New Missions Available[edit]

'A Drop In The Ocean' (Donald Love)