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Icon Name Description
Grand Theft Auto III weapon fist.png Fists You start with a pair of these. They deal very little damage.
Grand Theft Auto III weapon baseball bat.png Baseball Bat Deals a decent amount of damage and knocks people down. Hit them a couple of times while they're down to ensure they stay there.
  • Found at every Hideout.
Grand Theft Auto III weapon pistol.png Pistol A basic pistol. Excellent for circle-strafing. Many shots will miss, but almost all of theirs will too.
  • Hideout after collecting 10 Hidden Packages
  • dead cops and gang members
  • St. Marks Ammu-Nation, $250
  • behind the St. Marks Ammu-Nation on some missions, free
  • on a ledge beside the bridge, you might spot this during 'Give Me Liberty' (introduction)
Grand Theft Auto III weapon uzi.png Uzi Just like the pistol, allows run-and-gun but has horrendous accuracy for distance shooting.
  • Hideout after collecting 20 Hidden Packages
  • St. Marks and Newport Ammu-Nations, $800
  • on raised concrete platform north of the Harwood car crusher
  • on top of Liberty City Sawmills in Trenton (near Joey's Garage and Bitchin' Dog Food)
  • St. Marks backyard alleyway (the one with the clotheslines)
Grand Theft Auto III weapon grenade.png Grenades Excellent damage—if your throw is good enough. Watch where each lob goes, if you accidentally let one drop at your feet you're probably a goner. Once you have the respawning pickups from the packages you won't need to worry about wasting them if you miss.
  • Hideout after collecting 30 Hidden Packages
  • Newport Ammu-Nation, $2000
Grand Theft Auto III weapon shotgun.png Shotgun Extremely powerful, can take down almost any foe in a single hit. Beware when using on vehicles though, as two blasts of this in succession will make a car explode instantly rather than catch on fire first. Only the Rocket Launcher surpasses its anti-vehicle power. Unfortunately you can't run with the shotgun, leaving you quite vulnerable to enemies both when escaping and reloading.

It is possible to achieve a faster rate of fire; on the PC it is done by rapidly clicking the mouse (this works best in the GTA: Liberty City mod) while on the PS2 and Xbox the sawn-off instantly reloads when you hit the target button so you can exploit this to level a group of enemies in a few seconds.

  • Hideout after collecting 40 Hidden Packages
  • Phil Cassidy's Army Surplus, $1500 after completing 'Arms Shortage' (Ray).
  • On top of one of the St. Marks garages
  • North of the pier to the west of the Liberty Tree Offices in Staunton Island, where you do 'S.A.M.' (Asuka)
  • Behind the Hepburn Heights apartments, near where you picked up Misty in 'Drive Misty For Me' (Luigi)
  • Behind the monument in Belleville Park (adjacent to Ray's toilets)
  • At the far-east corner of the base of Cochrane Dam
Grand Theft Auto III weapon molotov.png Molotovs Excellent for roasting peds and Rhino tanks but virtually useless against other vehicles. Again, be careful when throwing these as their flames spread quickly over a wide radius.
  • Hideout after collecting 60 Hidden Packages
  • By the eastern stairs in the far north of Liberty Campus
  • In the hands of the tramps in the abandoned rail tunnel connecting 8-Ball's Bomb Shop with the Supa Save (notice they're drinking the molotovs!)
  • Pike Creek police station garages ($2000)
Grand Theft Auto III weapon AK-47.png AK-47 Similar to the uzi, except that it has longer range and is more accurate. You cannot run while firing this weapon.
  • Hideout after collecting 70 Hidden Packages
Grand Theft Auto III weapon sniper rifle.png Sniper Rifle A Rifle with an excellent zoom capability, this weapon is great for taking out enemies at long distances, especially if they are packing Shotguns, AKs, M-16s and the like. You cannot run while holding or firing the weapon.
  • Hideout after collecting 80 Hidden Packages
Grand Theft Auto III weapon M4.png M-16 Talk about lethal, the M-16 is one of the most feared weapons in the game (second only to the rocket launcher) it uses a first-person crosshair for aiming and is powerful enough to takeout most vehicles (even helicopters!) Unfortunately; you cannot run while holding or firing the weapon.
  • Hideout after collecting 90 Hidden Packages
Grand Theft Auto III weapon rocket launcher.png Rocket Launcher The most deadly weapon of all. Its weaknesses are its excessive weight and the ever-present danger of a nearby object getting in the way of your target and turning both of you into ashes. Cannot fire when not zoomed in.
  • Hideout after collecting 100 Hidden Packages
  • Phil Cassidy's Army Surplus, $25,000.
Grand Theft Auto III weapon flamethrower.png Flamethrower Better control and aim than Molotovs, and significantly safer too. Useless against cars but quickly carbonises peds and Rhinos!
  • Hideout after completing Firefighter vehicle mission level 12
  • Pike Creek police station garage, $25,000
  • Behind the supports at the Francis International end of the lift bridge.
  • On the roof of the Head Radio headquarters.
Grand Theft Auto III weapon carbomb.png Carbomb Blast your enemies to smithereens with this carbomb. Set it, and run the heck away!
  • Ignition Carbomb: Available from 8-Ball's Bomb Shop, Portland.
  • Timed Carbomb: Available from 8-Ball's Bomb Shop, Staunton Island.
  • Remote-Control Carbomb: Available from 8-Ball's Bomb Shop, Shoreside Vale.