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This is a list of the car thefts you can do for Stevie. These cars are found in the borough of Algonquin. You can only steal the car that Stevie texts you to steal. The order in which car you must get is random. Try to deliver the car in the best condition for optimum cash.


  • Location: Vauxite Street, East Holland
  • Perfect condition value: $7,260

Has a cool pearlescent paint job and no alarm.

NRG 900[edit]

  • Location: Corner of Bismarck Ave and Topaz St in Lancaster
  • Perfect condition value: $8,250

Quickly drive away to get of any wanted level.


  • Location: Galveston Avenue near Middle Park.
  • Perfect condition value: $26,400

Be sure to look around before stealing this car.


  • Location: Large parking lot between a condemed Burger Shot and the Swingers Golf Club
  • Perfect condition value: $19,800

Has an alarm and there is usually a cop in the area.


  • Location: Near Fanny Crab's eatery by Grand Easton station
  • Perfect condition value: $11,550

Has an alarm but can avoid police by checking the area first.


  • Location: In front of the Church in Suffolk
  • Perfect condition value: $13,530

Wait for police to pass-by and then steal the car.


  • Location: Near Dragon Heart Plaza in Chinatown, on Diamond St
  • Perfect condition value: $2,310

No alarm and nobody cares if you jack it.

Super GT[edit]

  • Location: Calcium Street in front of 69
  • Perfect condition value: $36,300

Cops are nearby and an alarm makes this a little difficult, so take off quickly.

PMP 600[edit]

  • Location: In an alley beside the Exchange District Bank in lower Algonquin
  • Perfect condition value: $10,560

Thye isolated area helps because it has an alarm. Let it die out and deliver it.


  • Location: Near the two joined towers in Castle Gardens.
  • Perfect condition value: $16,500

Sticks out like a sore thumb on this busy street. Check the area before you jack it.