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South Bohan[edit]

Based on the South Bronx, South Bohan is a tough, mostly Puerto Rican neighborhood home to Mallorie Bardas, Manny Escuela, and Elizabeta Torres. It is also believed to be the original turf of the Latin gang known as the Spanish Lords. During Grand Theft Auto IV Mallorie arranges for Roman (her boyfriend) and Niko Bellic to stay at an apartment in South Bohan owned by some relatives when they are on the run from the Russian Mafiya.

Chase Point[edit]

Bohan's redlight district, it is based on the seedier part Hunts Point (as opposed to the industrial Hunts Point based neighborhood, which happens to be named Industrial); Chase Point has a seemingly endless supply of prostitutes as well as old warehouses and chop shops.


Fortside is based on Fordham and would appear to be the busy center for business and shopping in Bohan. Members of the Spanish Lords can occasionally be found here. Folsom Way, a major road in Fortside, is probably based off of Fordham Road.


As its name implies this is an industrialized area filled with dockside warehouses and factories. Like neighboring Chase Point it takes influence from Hunts Point in addition to other industrialized areas along the coast of the Long Island Sound.


Named for the Grand Boulevard which serves as its southern border and a major throughway for all of Bohan; Boulevard is the equivalent of Concourse which in turn is named for the Grand Concourse.

Northern Gardens[edit]

A large neighborhood making up most of northeast Bohan, Northern Gardens is an amalgamation of several of the neighborhoods making up the area known as the East Bronx. Tenement buildings, serene coastlines, and the Triangle Club strip bar can all be found here.

Little Bay[edit]

The area of Bohan that is lead into by the Dukes Bay Bridge has aspects of both Throggs Neck and Pelham Bay. The name and location seems most similar to Pelham Bay; however with the Dukes Bay Bridge connecting Dukes to Bohan, just like the real life Throggs Neck Bridge connecting Queens to the Bronx, there is a definite similarity to Throggs Neck. The atmosphere and appearance of Little Bay is also closer to that of Throggs Neck than Pelham Bay.