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Cerveza Heights[edit]

Clearly named for Corona, Queens (Cerveza meaning beer in Spanish and Corona being a well known Mexican beer), Cerveza Heights also bares resemblance to other central Queens neighborhoods such as Flushing, Jackson Heights, and Elmhurst. Like these neighborhoods Cerveza Heights is home to a number of ethnic groups, most notably Latinos, but there are a number of Chinese and South Asian establishments as well.

Cerveza Heights is one of many neighborhoods in Liberty City occupied by the Spanish Lords.


Schottler is a large and fairly ethnically diverse neighborhood most likely based on Sunnyside, as it features a replica of the arch located on 46th Street and Queens Boulevard. Jamaican gangsters Little Jacob and Real Badman share an apartment here. Rhe angels of death OMG makes a appearance here.

Beechwood City[edit]

With it's large West Indian population, the western part of Beechwood City may be based on Richmond Hill and Jamaica. Home to Real Badman's Posse and their Homebrew Cafe; Jamaican gangsters can be found here cruising the streets in pimped out low-riders and SUVs with a two-toned green and black paint scheme.

In contrast, the east edge of Beechwood City near FIA tends to be packed with members of the Angels of Death OMG. There is a Burger Shot in the area that serves as a hangout for the biker gang.

Meadow Hills[edit]

Mostly a residential area, Meadow Hills would appear to be based on Forest Hills.


Willis is an east Dukes neighborhood which like Beechwood City, is a turf for Jamaican gangsters. It is a middle class neighborhood based on Hollis, and is home to a community center where Kate McReary works.

East Island City[edit]

Based on Long Island City; NUCA (National Union of Contemporary Arts), based on the P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, and the LC24 Tower, based on the Citicorp Building can be found here.


Located in northwest Dukes, Steinway is based on Astoria, where there is both a Steinway Village and Steinway Street. In Grand Theft Auto IV Steinway is the base of operations for the McReary Crime Family (Irish Mob). Although modern Astoria is known more for its Greek and Middle Eastern populations, historically the neighborhood was heavily Irish and German. Steinway is also home to the McReary hangout and local landmark Steinway Beer Garden which is based on Bohemian Hall, the oldest beer garden in New York City which was founded in Astoria in 1910 by Irish and German Americans.

Charge Island[edit]

The island at the center of the Triborough Bridge based East Borough Bridge which connects Dukes, Bohan, and Algonquin. It would appear to part of Dukes as one can get to it from Dukes without paying a toll, but the when coming from Algonquin or Bohan the Dukes toll is paid. The real life Triborough Bridge passes over Ward's Island and Randall's Island so Charge Island clearly takes inspiration from both of them, but it is far closer to Randall's than it is to Ward's. Interestingly Colony Island, which appears to be based on Roosevelt Island, also has much in common with Ward's Island.

Meadows Park[edit]

The largest park in Liberty City, Meadows Park is based on Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. The park features two Liberty City landmarks; the Monoglobe (based on the Unisphere) and the Liberty State Pavillion Towers (based on New York State Pavilion Observatory Towers).

The McReary home is located on the westside of Meadows Park.

Francis International Airport (FIA)[edit]

Liberty City's only airport which takes up nearly half of Dukes is based on JFK Airport.