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PC,Xbox 360,PlayStation 3

Mikhail Faustin is a larger crime lord than Vlad. He respects only those who offer him loyalty.

Crime And Punishment[edit]

This mission is so simple that it's hard to see why they bothered to include it. The only remotely tricky part is getting a cop car without getting the police after you.

If you walk away from Faustin's house, you will usually hear a police siren coming in your direction which will stop up the street, or you may see a police car already parked up the street with the door open. Either way, just hop in.

If for some reason that cop car doesn't show up, one is always parked about a block up from your original safehouse. Don't forget to look around for other cop cars on the street or policemen walking by.

Even if you are noticed, just speed down the street as far as you can go, turn left and speed down until you have to turn the corner, then speed a few more blocks and you should lose the 1-star wanted level.

The rest of the mission is trivial, although if you see one of the vans getting further away than the others, you should go after it next.

Do You Have Protection?[edit]

This is a training mission to teach you how to free aim. It also opens a firearms store where you can go to buy weapons, ammo, and most importantly, armor.

A good practice is to visit the firearms store after completing each mission to replenish your ammo and armor, then head back to the safehouse to save so that if you fail your the next mission, you can reload with full gear to try again without having to waste time going to the firearms store again.

Final Destination[edit]

  • Briefing: kill Lenny Petrovic.
  • Reward: No Love Lost (mission).

When you get to the initial destination, there are two sets of stairs, one on either side of the cross street, leading up to the train.

At the station Niko will confront Lenny, and one or two gunmen will attack you. Kill them, then prepare to chase down Lenny.

Finding a parking spot
  • If you park by the stairs where you are supposed to go up, you will either need to come down those same stairs or run across the train tracks.
    • The target will be coming down the other stairs and towards you. There will be some police cars between you. In that case, you are pretty much committing yourself to a car chase, though it is barely possible that you could shoot him from a distance before he gets in his car or while he is driving towards you.
  • If you park next to the other stairs, you are committing to chasing down Lenny.
    • If you elect to chase after the target, you'll have to watch out for passing trains. You may have to wait if a train is coming, in which case it is better to go back down the same stairs you went up. If the tracks are open, immediately start running after Lenny. When you reach the stairs, remember to press  Space  to jump down them more quickly (Lenny slowly runs down each individual step).

It is possible to reach the bottom of the stairs at the same time as Lenny, and kill him before he reaches his car.

Chasing Lenny

If you miss the shot, jump into your well placed vehicle get ready to take him down in any way possible (shoot him, crash into him, etc.).

No Love Lost[edit]

  • Briefing: Mikhail's daughter is dating a biker from a gang called "??". You must kill her boyfriend.
  • Reward: Rigged To Blow (mission).

From Mikhail's place, follow the GPS to the bridge near Niko's house. Touch the point to watch a cinematic. When gameplay resumes, jump on the nearby motorcycle to chase down the guy. You cannot kill him at this point. Follow him closely, and when you get to the north side of the island, three more motorcycles will join him (one or two of them have two passengers). Start shooting at them immediately. If you knock one down, continue after the others. After knocking over all four bikes, back track and kill off the individual bikers.

More likely is that the bikers will pull off the road into an open area with just trees and grass. Get behind a tree and kill the bikers, which is not very difficult.

Rigged To Blow[edit]

  • Briefing: a man with a garage owes Mikhail money. Take a truck full of explosives to the garage and get rid of him.
  • Reward:
  1. From Faustin's home, run to his driveway and get into the Turismo (behind the first car).
  2. Go to the old factory and find the truck. There will be a GPS guide.
  3. Get into the truck. Niko will call Mikhail. You must go to Guantanamo and Windmill and detonate the truck. There will be a GPS guide. Take your time on the way to the garage, and slow down when turning. If you hit anything too hard, the truck will explode. Try not to cut people off at red lights and drive very slow on the freeway.
  4. When you get to the toll booth, slow down and pay the toll (it is very difficult to escape the police with this vehicle).
  5. At the freeway exit, be prepared to merge with traffic. You will also be guided around a hairpin turn to the left. If you are having trouble with the turn, prepare ahead of time and set up a waypoint to take you around the right side.
  6. Park the truck in the garage (pull all the way up until it shows you the prompt to trigger the bomb). Stop, press  E , and watch the ending cinematic.