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Actions Speak Louder Than Words[edit]

A reasonable amount of health and some sniper rounds are all you need. If you have a favorite car for tailing with few crashes, use it. You'll still have it at the end (unless you let the cops crash it).

Try to stay about a block back. When the bad guys turn corners, they sometimes stop and if you are not watching the HUD, you may come right up on them and lose. Other places, they will take off fast and you will have to floor it to keep up. If you are unsure where to turn, hit the Pause button and study the map because one wrong turn and you probably lose.

After you blow the bomb, don't go rushing in. Use your sniper rifle to pick off the enemy.

The yellow marker which shows you where to go to blow the bomb is up on a grass hill. If you drive your car through the fence and up to that spot, it will be handy in case the gunfire brings the cops. In fact, if you see on your HUD that cops are coming from both directions on the road, drive on the grass to a clear road.

I Need Your Clothes…[edit]

This is a motorcycle chase mission. The funny thing is that if you crash at the start and fall behind, the target tends to wait on you. As in all chase or follow missions, you do not have to actually follow the same route; you can run on parallel streets and often the target actually doubles back and/or crosses the street you are on.

It is more important to avoid crashing than to try to stay right on his tail. Before going to the yellow marker that starts the mission, it is always a good idea to bring up the Pause Menu Map to see where you are so that if the mission is too difficult, you can come back on your own to look things over and practice the route.

It is unlikely that you can hit the target with automatic weapon fire at the start; you will just be increasing the probability that you will crash. Your best bet is if he doubles back onto your street just ahead of you; otherwise, it's going to be a long mission.

Each run of a mission involves random factors, and some require some luck to win. All you can do is keep trying.

Unlike earlier chase missions where the target eventually stops or crashes, you can follow this one for a long, long time without that happening, so you probably are going to have to fire at him, should you ever get close enough. At least try to wait until no cop cars are visible.


You will need full armor/health and maximum grenades, RPGs, and automatic weapon ammo.

With hordes of Bad Guys ("BGs"), this would be difficult even without Packie constantly running into the middle of things, and if he dies, the mission is over. If you get wimpy and hang back when he says go, you pretty much guarantee that he is going to die. Your primary duty is to give him cover wherever he goes.

The action starts with both of you crouched behind your car and tons of BGs spread among some large, round, flat tanks and up on catwalks -- all of them firing at you and Packie.

Packie will waste no time running down to the first flat tank. You can stay behind for a minute or two to pick off some of the BGs, but don't waste too much time getting down there with him so that he does not get overrun.

Use the Cover Mode (press RB) to crouch behind the tank and fire blind at BGs who are standing up. When they are gone, several more BGs will be firing blind at you, making them very hard to hit, but you can take them out with a few grenades.

Remember that you MUST have an aiming circle to throw grenades and only pull LT half way so that you can aim your throw up above the BGs.

Switch back to an automatic weapon and follow Packie, who will go up some stairs. Half way up the stairs, you'll see several BGs on the landing above who will be firing at Packie if you don't hit them fast. Don't worry about them hitting you because after you take them out, you can big up the armor on the stairs to your left, then take off after Packie again.

Packie will tell you to duck for Cover behind the pipes on the catwalk. Do what the says and take out enemy until Packie is ready to move again. Halfway down the next catwalk is another structure which Packie will be behind, blind firing at BGs at the end of that catwalk. Don't join him. Stop where you are, crouch to make a smaller target, and take out those BGs.

Packie will tell you to go on straight down the next catwalk while he goes to the left. Half way down that catwalk, get out your RPG and look down over the left rail. Several cars will pull up with more BGs. Before they can get away from the cars, hit them with RPGs. That should take care of them, but switch back to an automatic weapon to take out any possible stragglers on the ground plus BGs you will run into going around to the next catwalk.

The rest is fairly easy.