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Jimmy Pegorino missions for the Xbox 360. You can read general walkthroughs in lots of other places; these comments should be considered spoilers for those looking for the easiest way to complete missions.

Pegorino's Pride[edit]

You will need full health and armor and automatic weapon ammo. If you drive to Mr. P's, you won't get your car back, so don't drive over in your favorite car.

This mission has four phases:

  1. Sniper duty.
  2. Armed combat with a time limit.
  3. Following in a car.
  4. Armed combat with no time limit.

But first you have to drive Mr. P and his crew to the mission site. When you and the crew get in the car, don't take off. You have to wait for Mr. P.

After getting to the initial mission site, you will be let out with a sniper rifle by a door opening. Go through it and go towards the light until you find some stairs, then go all the way up them and find the yellow marker for your sniping position.

After taking out the other side's boss with the sniper rifle, start shooting the guys with the red markers over them who are shooting at Pegorino. After you get them, zoom scope out and down a little and watch for a car to pull up with four bad guys in it. They aren't carrying weapons, but shoot them anyway for good measure. Although you will have a limited time to rescue Pegorino, that clock doesn't seem to start until you get downstairs, so you may as well take your time and get all four guys.

Then change to an automatic weapon and run downstairs. The next phase of the mission is to charge the structure where Pegorino is (blue dot on GPS), shooting your way through until you get to him.

In similar past situations, the smart thing was to use the sniper rifle to pick off distant enemies who can't hit you from the same distance, but two differences here are (1) they seem to be able to hit you and (2) you have a limited time to get to Mr. P.

So you are going to have to just charge the structure, run up some stairs, go inside the building and run through several connected rooms which are on the right. After you reach the last door of the last room, the second phase is over.

As you make this charge, pause only to take out the few guys outside who are firing at you and that you can get a good, open lock on. When you run up the stairs, watch for someone on the first landing.

You want to run as fast as possible through the series of rooms. If you pause to try to get cute with grenades, you won't reach Mr. P in time. If you stop to shoot at guys ahead of you, you are going to get shot by guys behind you, so you have to just keep charging and count on your armor to protect you. (It might be fun to make this run with a full rack of RPGs, however.)

After you get to the last door, a cut scene will show Niko helping Mr. P into a car and the bad guys taking off in a car which you must follow. They wind through all the junk and never get onto a road. So just keep following them. They will crash soon.

At this point, time does not seem to matter, so if you missed following them, just use their red dot on the GPS to get to them. The baddies will start firing at you. so hop out of the car fire back, then go up the stairs where their car is.

If you used up most of your health in the previous battle, you will really have to be cautious, but if you have 2/3rds or more of your health, you can just do whatever you must to take out the bad guys, then look for the leader. When you find him, he is easy pickings. Pick up Mr. P's stuff and drive him back home.

You will lose a lot of ammo, health, and ammo in this mission, so now is the time to restock them all, especially if you save after big missions.


You'll want full armor and health and a fast getaway car. (You'll still have the car when you're done, so take one of your favorites, such as the Sultan, if you got it at the end of the Truck Hustle mission.)

The hospital isn't far from Mr. P's. When the GPS says you're there, look to your right and you'll see the entrance. That is the only way out, so you will want to leave your car convenient and ready to go, which means out in the street and pointed the direction you want to go.

Before getting out of the car, bring up the Pause Menu Map and study escape routes. The best ones are long, straight roads. If you turn the car around so that it is aimed to the right of the hospital, you can take a left, then another left and go up the off ramp and switch across to the other lanes the first chance you get. Assuming you have a really fast car, you should be able to floor it and lose the wanted level. But back to the mission at hand...

Leave the car in the street, make sure you don't have any weapons in your hands, and walk into the hospital. The sign says that the ER is to the right, so go through those doors.

When you go through the door, you will see a desk with a nurse at it talking to a doctor. To your right is a door into the doctors' locker room and you will see a locker with a yellow marker in front and scrubs inside.

If you change into the scrubs, the cops will let you walk right into the target's room and even leave you alone with him. Walk around his bed until the program asks you to pull LB to unplug the victim's life support.

You can then walk right out, but it only takes the guards a second to figure out what you have done and to start shooting at your back. So one strategy is to take off running for the exit, which will be the second open door on your right. Run out of the hospital and jump into your car and take off.

The full armor and health you started with should let you survive all the hits you will take to this point. So the whole mission boils down to your getting away from the cops. If you have planned your escape route well (maybe even rehearsed it), that should not be a problem.

Another strategy is to forget the change of clothes and walk down the hall towards the cops, but duck into the room on the left. Take cover and lob a hot grenade at the guards, then draw a weapon and go around the corner to the left and finish off the victim and the guard in the room.

With this plan, you will not be taking any hits in the back, so you may get to the car with a little more health/armor left, but it still boils down to losing the wanted level, so which approach you use probably doesn't matter.


You will need full armor and max sniper rounds.

When you come to the first mission marker, circle around at the end of the block to get your car facing the other way so that you can follow the baddies quickly.

When they take off, they create a lot of wreckage on the street. Just stay back and avoid it. Then they will go down an alley. You can just take the street to the left and try to follow them on streets.

They won't go too long before they pull into a car dealership where a lot of their friends immediately start firing on you. If you try to even the odds by using grenades, you'll have the police shooting at you from all sides. You stand little chance of surviving.

One approach is to use your car to crash into some of the bad guys, jump out, and shoot the rest. You will take a lot of hits, but it is survivable. When all the red dots are gone, you can take your pick of cars in the lot to escape the police in.

A safer approach is to stay well back once they abandon the alleys and get back on the streets and watch for their red circles on the GPS to stop. Then instead of charging in after them, stop well back where you can just see where they are.

Even at that distance, you will start taking fire. Get behind your car.

Get out the sniper rifle and start picking off the enemy, but keep watch for enemy approaching you from the sides. They should still be far enough back to pick off with the sniper rifle, but you may take a few hits. You may also have cops come up behind you, and if they get the drop on Niko, you fail the mission.

When you have gotten all the bad guys, all the red markers should disappear, but you should still see on red circle on the HUD. If it looks like it is still on a road, but just hanging around, you can get back in your car and slowly head for it. If you see a cab slowly approaching you and it shows that it is the red circle, trust the circle. Get out of your car and shoot him.

If you are having trouble with the cops before you get all the bad guys, get in your car and lose them, then come back to finish the job. You can even drive to a weapons shop and get some more ammo and armor, if you wish.

Pest Control[edit]

This is a surprisingly difficult mission. You will need full armor and plenty of ammo.

The best place to hit the bad guys has got to be at the gas station when they are stopped and several are out of the cars. The best location seems to be to take the second right just after the gas station (on the other side of the median) and go down about a block, pulling to the right where there is a break in the median. From there you can still see the cars and use your car for cover.

Multiple RPGs will blow a lot of stuff up, but does not kill them all. Eventually, you will have to use automatic weapons. Meanwhile, grenades and RPGs will attract the police and you will be fighting on two fronts.

A better plan is to use your sniper rifle to take out the driver of the light colored car. The dark car will try to come after you, so if you can aim quickly with the sniper rifle, take out the driver of that car too before he can get far. A safer bet is to switch to an automatic weapon and get them before they go.

Once you have them trapped at the station, the mission becomes a much easier stationary gun battle. The police will show up and actually go after the bad guys as well. If the cops turn on you, instead of upping your wanted level by shooting back, you may be able to hop in your car and outrun your 1- or 2-star wanted level, then come back to finish the job. Since any surviving bad guys will show up as red dots on your HUD/GPS, they will not be hard to track down.

Word of warning: you have to move quickly to swing around the corner, get out, bring up your sniper rifle (which you should have done before getting in the car) and zoom in on the first driver, because they don't stay in the station long, and you don't want to have to chase them down with another car full of thugs (and probably cops) shooting at you.

Another failed approach is to hijack an armored car (which you could have done much earlier and had parked in front of one of your safehouses) and use it to batter the bad guys' cars, but no amount of such battering seems to do them any permanent damage and eventually even an armored car will give out on you. This shows just how hard the chase scenario is, which is why you have to get them at the station.

If The Price Is Right, or A Dish Served Cold[edit]

Going for the money ("If The Price Is Right") is going to leave you battling inside a large structure full of Bad Guys (BGs) on all sides and levels, but the real problem is that Phil comes with you and makes the mission 10x harder by constantly getting in your way.

Going for revenge ("A Dish Served Cold") is mostly outdoors on a large cargo ship and is much easier simply because you are by yourself. This is not a timed mission, so you can be as slow and cautious as you wish.

For either mission, you will want full armor/ammo, including RPGs and grenades.

When you get within a couple of hundred feet of the ship in your car, a cut scene will show you what you are up against. Get out and bring up your sniper rifle and take out the first guard, then switch to an automatic weapon. The other guards and their reinforcements will be very aggressive in charging at you and you just have to stay behind the car and mow them down. For those that are hidden, you may have to use a grenade or two.

After you finish them off, get out the sniper rifle again and scan the ship for BGs. The easiest ones to spot will be the ones firing at you. Take out all that you can spot.

At this point, you can probably switch back to an auto weapon and go up onto the ship because most/all of the BGs will be further off to the left. A more conservative approach is to move over to the cargo containers on your left and pull yourself up onto the first one. Take cover behind the next stack of containers because the BGs to the left on the ship can hit you. Clear them out as best you can. You may want to scale another container and continue.

Eventually, you will go up onto the ship and it is not that hard from here. There is plenty of cover having cleared out the bad guys on the right part of the ship, nobody is going to be shooting you from behind, as long as you make sure that nobody is on your left as your advance around the right side of the ship, taking out the BGs in front of you.

Any time you come to a door, stop and look inside because there is usually someone inside waiting for you. In the kitchen/dining area, you will find a health pack, though you really should not not even have many dings in your armor yet.

When you come to a hallway with rooms on each side, use grenades to clear out the BGs. It may take 3 or 4 following by weapon fire. After you finish them off, run the through rooms looking for weapons/ammo. Continue circling the outside of each deck until you are sure you have gotten all the BGs.

As long as you continue cautiously like this, you will have no trouble getting to the control room where you will have to take out one guy inside. After you open the cargo hold doors, do NOT pick up the armor yet. Assuming you have some armor left, you may as well put it to good use before picking up the new armor.

Go out the left control room door and walk right up to the wall, luring out BGs below. When they fire, take them out. Go to the other side of that deck and repeat, then go back through the control room to the deck on the other side and repeat. Cross back and forth like this until the BGs are all gone or you have used up all your armor, then pick up the armor, go out onto one of the decks.

BGs are waiting on the lower decks. A cautious approach is to hop over the rails to the sides of the ship instead of taking the stairs, then circle around picking off stragglers as before.

Eventually all the BGs will be gone and you will be on the main deck. You still have to battle the BGs down in the hold, but there's no reason not to have most of your armor from the control room left.

Go to the first set of cargo doors, pull yourself up, go to the open doors, and drop in. You will come up behind crates, so you can take cover and the rest is pretty routine.

After the final cut scene, you are told to leave the ship. There are no BGs left, so you can stroll out and jump down onto the dock.

It should be noted that if you normally save after each mission, you will not get a chance to do so here because Manny will call you to be at the wedding in 5 hours (or so) and when you save, you automatically sleep for 6 hours. But you can stop and gear back up on armor/ammo before going to the wedding.

After the wedding, you will wake up back in bed in a safehouse. After you get up, turn around and save. This will put you back in bed again, but that's OK.

If you want to try the money mission, which is a lot harder, when you save as just described, save it to a different line than you normally do, then you can go back and reload from your prior save and do the other mission.

Out Of Commission[edit]

If you chose revenge earlier, then this is your final mission. Get fully geared up.

Phase One: The Car Chase[edit]

The mission starts with a car chase, but you are not trying to catch the BGs, just keep up with them. If you crash, they tend to wait for you. But the game has several tricks to throw at you.

The first trick of the chase is shortly after getting on the freeway, you can see curve coming up and a car moves over to the left by a another car, apparently freeing up the right lane for you. You do want to get to the right, but not too far or you will hit some concrete abutments. Immediately after that, stay to the right because if you go down the middle lanes, you will lose the chase and have to start over.

The second trick is that the BGs will eventually cross the median into oncoming traffic. Don't follow them yet; stay in your lanes. It will be a while before the next break in the median, then a bunch more will come in a row, but just stay in your lane until the BGs hit and flip a Hummer, then take the next crossover, and as soon as you can, get against the left barricade and hug it the rest of the way. This will assure that you do not miss the exit to the left.

At the point that the BGs cross over into the oncoming traffic and you keep going, there is an exit to the right and a car in the left lane. Just make sure that you don't take that exit; stay to the left.

The third trick is a right turn that is very hard to see because it is not a road; the BGs have taken a shortcut. You have to watch the GPS closely and turn when it looks like you should turn. It will be just after two posts close to each other. But even if you have trouble finding it, take your time and go back because the chase is essentially over.

You will go down the dirt shortcut and hairpin back to the left on the street below, then immediately on your right your should see some tracks going off the street. Follow them a little bit and the cut scene will start.

Phase Two: Getting To Jimmy P[edit]

You have two ways to get inside the building where Jimmy is waiting.

One way is to kill off all the guys out front, then move to the front door and kill off all the guys inside. The battle out front is fun to try a time or two, but gets tedious when you have to replay the mission again and again to get to Phase Three.

The faster and easier way is this:

The cut scene leaves you crouched behind the car next to the front wheel. Scoot back so that you are by the back wheel. In a few seconds, the three snipers on the roof will shoot out the back windows of the car. Now you can scoot up a little, still crouching, and aim through the windows to quickly take out all three snipers. The purpose of this is that you are going to be on the roof soon, and you don't want them up there. The rest of the ground troops can be ignored because if you go around back, they will never follow. At this point, you should not have taken a single hit.

With the snipers down, simply turn around and sprint back away from the car, take the first left, run over to the end of the dock, pull yourself up, and go around to the stairs.

You should see the motorcycle you will be riding later, and perhaps even the speedboat that Jimmy will take, but this is one of those missions that will restore those things if you move them or otherwise mess with them, so just leave 'em be.

Take the stairs up to ground level. Veer to the right, go around the building and past the stairs. You are looking for a wall ladder. you could take the first set of stairs, but this is more direct.

When you get to the roof, walk about half way back next to what looks like a room with a door. This is where you will be chasing Jimmy out later, and back down to the dock you just came from, except that you will have to fight your way through.

Right now, to your left is a tin roof with holes in it. Get onto the roof. Using an automatic weapon, free aim with zoom through the hole from all sides looking for BGs. Chances are that they will fire at you before you see them, then you can lock on and get them. There should only be about 4 (plus or minus one) BGs, and you should be able to get them all from this hole, though you may lose half your armor unless you are super cautious.

Once you have taken out at least 3 BGs, look down and you should see a flat green surface, making this one of the better spots to fall down to. You will take a hit to your armor from the fall, but it beats trying to come in the front door. If you missed a guy from the roof, he is going to be firing at you and you will be on the floor for a few seconds then disoriented before you can turn around and lock on him, so let's hope you got them all. If this is a problem, on the next run-through you can go to each roof hole to make sure you have all the BGs inside.

If you actually lose all your armor and take a health hit, there is a health pack on the front wall of the office to your right; otherwise, move to your left to the back left corner where light is coming through a doorway. This will start a cut scene with Jimmy.

You must follow Jimmy up the stairs and you will be fighting a bunch of BGs along the way until you get to the dock, but Jimmy doesn't try to leave until after you get to the dock, so take as long as you need to stay alive.

When you burst out the door of the structure we saw on the roof before, two BGs will be waiting. Take them out and head for the ladder you came up before. When you get near it, press Y to get on the ladder and immediately press back on L and press A at the same time for a fast descent, then press L forward and left to get behind the pillar on the wall, but face to back towards the ladder.

Facing the water, nobody can hit you from the right as long as you are behind the pillar, but a BG may come around the corner the other way, and as many as four or five may come down the ladder. All of these are easy pickings. When you are sure no more are coming, you can turn your attention back to the right, but continue to listen for the sounds of someone climbing down the ladder.

After you get the first bunch of guys down the right, which isn't too hard, you will turn a corner and have to take out two or three more. Keep moving forward quickly because when you get the last of these guys, a car will come roaring up with a couple of BGs in it. After you get them, run back down the stairs to the dock, hop on the motorcycle and Phase 3 begins.

Phase Three: The Motorcycle[edit]

Right away it appears that you are supposed to go up and straight ahead, but you should always follow the curve of the water. It appears to be best to stay to the right as much as possible, which will help avoid crashing into stones and also position you for the first jump. It is better to be a little too slow than to be going to fast for this jump.

Now you will want to stay close to the water because very shortly you will have to veer around the back corner of a building and hit a ramp. You have to go fast when you hit the ramp or you will not make it into the helicopter, but if you go too fast around the corner of the building, you are highly unlikely to hit the ramp at all.

If you catch the rail of the helicopter, the game will tease you by telling you to tap A, but the truth is that you are almost certainly doomed to fall/fail.

This motorcycle run needs to be practiced many times, and it is a real annoyance to have to go all the way through getting to meeting spot, following the car, battling your way into the building, battling your way back out, all to get some practice on a one-minute motorcycle run.

If you miss the helicopter completely, the good news is that you can motor back to the dock and try it again (and again). If your bike goes in the water, this is one time that it should be okay for even the most conscientious player to use a cheat code to spawn a motorcycle to try again with.