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Team Deathmatch[edit]

Teams battle it out to collect the most money in a set time limit. Pick up the cash your fallen rivals drop.

Team Mafiya Work[edit]

Collect cash for the team by completing contracts for the Mafiya.

Team Car Jack City[edit]

Jack cars which spawn all over the city and bring them back to the drop point. The more damage a car has taken, the less it's worth. Special drug filled cars are worth a set amount of money.

Cops 'n Crooks[edit]

All for One[edit]

The crooks need to get their boss to the getaway vehicle; The cops are trying to stop the boss from getting away by taking out the car or the boss.

One for All[edit]

There is no boss, but the crooks still need to get to their car and get away, or just kill all the cops. The cops need to kill all the crooks or take out the car before they get away. You do not respawn.

Turf War[edit]

Capture the bases scattered around town by standing on them. The more team members on the same base, the faster it is captured. The more bases you have, the faster you make money. Finish the round with the most money to win.


Free Mode[edit]

Up to 16 players can run around the entire city. You may do whatever you want, there are no rules

Deal Breaker[edit]

A drug deal is going down between a Biker Gang and the Mafia, and you're not in on it. Get to the site and take the goods. Eliminate all witnesses.

Hangman's N.O.O.S.E.[edit]

This is a gametype where you and teammates fight to stop the "SWAT" division in order to protect the target from assassination. Getting the target in a helicopter to the baseball diamond is required to pass.

Bomb da Base II[edit]

Highjack an armored car, get a hellicopter, take the exploives to a ship, fight your way onto the ship, set the charges, and run.



Mafiya Work[edit]

Mafiya Work is a competitive game that can host a minimum of two, and up to a maximum of 16 players. The game begins and you will be equipped with a basic layout of weapons, depending on the weapon type set for the game. A phone call on your cell phone will be received from Konstantin Petrovic; a south Broker based Russian Mafia boss. Konstantin will assign every player in the game the same order that will range from simply collecting a cache of weapons to stopping LCPD from carrying out multiple drug raids.

From spawn[edit]

People make a big mistake on spawn; they make weapons and body armour their first priority. This isn't a deathmatch so this isn't what you should do. What you should actually be doing is finding a vehicle to get you to the first task faster than everyone else, as they will most likely be doing the wrong thing; scrambling for weapons and body armour, as you tank to the first task giving you the advantage. If you do come across any weapons or body armour on your way to the task, or you spawn right by some, you might want to grab it, but remember transport first, weapons and armour second.

The tasks[edit]

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Car Jack City[edit]



  • Free Race
  • Cannonball run

GTA Race[edit]