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Truck Hustle[edit]

You should be going into this mission with full armor and health and plenty of ammo, including RPGs if you can get them, though grenades will do in a pinch.

After you drive to the specified location, you will see that you have to walk up some stairs to get to the yellow marker that starts the mission. Park the car off to the right of the stairs to get it out of the way.

After you walk to the marker, the target truck and cars full of thugs will pull up. When the cut scene is over, you will get control back in the Cover mode behind the brick wall.

If you still have the RPG, hit the second car back from you and it will blow up some bad guys plus some nearby cars. Hang onto the RPG because another car will pull in from the left in a second and you can take it out too. Switch to an automatic weapon to take out any thugs who are up close. Don't worry about the ones way in the back by the truck.

Once you have killed all the nearby thugs, look to your right. You can run over and climb on top of whatever the thing is next to the wall, then climb up on the wall, which puts you on the roof of a building.

From there, you can shoot some more bad guys, if you wish, but keep an eye out for the truck at the far end to make sure it doesn't leave without you. Eventually you will want to cross the roof and jump down to the street, then continue left to the alley which the truck is going to come down.

There is no need to go down the alley and get shot, just wait for the truck to come out and run/jump for the marker trailing behind it. The rest is pretty easy, following the instructions on the screen.

The key to capturing the truck once you are on top is to press L back (towards you) to grab hold during turns, then press L forward to get to the cab of the truck while going down straight streets.

Once you get the truck, you will be told to drive it to an old mansion. After you do so and are reaady to leave, you'll see a motocycle nearby, but don't take it. Turn around and go to the rear of the garage and you will find a coveted Sultan sports car in the weeds; take it instead.

If you are low on ammo or armor, top off at a gun shop and go back to a safehouse to park and save the Sultan and to save the mission.

Catch The Wave[edit]

You'll want full armor and automatic weapon ammo.

When you get the truck and arrive at the next destination, you will have to get out of the truck with guns blazing, so make sure you have selected an automatic weapon before you get into the truck.

After the cut scene, a BG will approach the passenger side of the truck. Phil keeps talking, but don't wait for him to finish. As soon as you can move the camera angle around to your side, do so and get out of the truck, target the guy approaching you, and fire.

Phil is a pain in the ass and runs right into the middle of the fray and it is your job to keep him alive. You can hold back and shoot at guys in the rafters and others who are out in the open. If you don't mind using $5000 RPGs, they are good for taking out several BGs at once.

Eventually, Phil will say to go for the boats and tell you to take the left one. You will run into more armed thugs, so eliminate them, pick up the armor that is past the ramp to the boat, then go back down the ramp and get in the boat.

Once you get going in the boats, two red dots, which are enemy boats, will show up behind you on the HUD. Although you supposedly have to "protect" Phil, your main challenge is in not running over his slow ass.

Despite the BGs being right on your tail and firing at you constantly, they give up after awhile and the mission ends.


Take a cab or a jacked car to Phil's since you won't get your car back. You will need full armor/health.

The basement entry is a little difficult to find. Facing the front door, on your left and running parallel to the front of the building is a brick wall protecting a sloping tunnel entrance. Run over to the end of the brick wall and turn to go down the slope. As you go down the slope, keep watch for a hole in the wall on the left which will lead through another tunnel to the basement of the target building.

When you get to the entrance to the basement, look up and you will see a couple of guards. Go against the left wall and crouch and use your sniper rifle to take out one of the guards, then immediately switch to an automatic rifle and take cover as you will have to fight 4 or 5 thugs. Most will be above you, but one will be on the basement level.

After you have killed them all, enter cautiously to the right side of the basement and scale the debris and goo to get to the first floor. From there, you will be fighting your way up stairs.

You can take all the time you want for this mission, and you will be fighting a lot of enemy, so take it slow.

When you finally make it to the end of the top floor, you will see an open window. Before jumping out of it, bring out the sniper rifle and look for enemy. Some of them will already be firing at you from afar.

After you jump onto the roof below, you will still have a lot of enemy after you. Fortunately, there is a health pack on the other side of one of the a/c units (or whatever they are).

Go to the end of the roof and an old covered walkway will take you across to the next building. Since there is no hurry, you may as well climb a long ladder to the top of a tower there and shoot an enemy who is on top of the target building. He is probably the only one you can see.

After you come back down, cross back over to the target building through another covered walkway and you will be facing a ladder on the wall. Climb it up to the next level. Guys will still be shooting at you, so stay slow and careful.

There are no real tricks after this. Watch the bad guy's circle to see if he is on the same level as you are higher/lower and keep after him while fighting off his troops. Eventually you should get him.

To Live And Die In Alderney[edit]

You won't get your car back. You will want to have the max number of RPGs (8).

The main action starts with the feds and police chasing Phil in one car while you and his friend ride in another car. Your only goal is to try to keep up with Phil until he stops in an alley. What makes this a difficult chase is that vehicles will keep getting in your way and crashing into you. In particular, there is a right turn where a bus is turning before you and blocks the intersection. You need to go around him on the sidewalk to the right before it gets to that point.

Just in case you DO get lost, bring up the map and look for the Internet Cafe which is about in the center of Alderney. An alley runs north-south just behind (east of) it. This is where Phil will end up. Set a waypoint on the street at the north end of the alley. If you do this before getting to the mission, you don't have to stop in the middle of the chase to do it. You cannot just go to the destination when the chase starts. If you do not attempt to follow Phil, you will probably lose him before getting to the destination. However, near the end, the GPS tracking of Phil gets kind of spotty and you should rely more on the GPS path to the waypoint.

While Phil and his friend are fighting cops with rifles, whip out your RPG and blow up the cop car at one end, then turn and get 2-3 cop cars and a cop van at the other end, but be sure to save at least one RPG for the helicopter. Switch to an automatic weapon and grenades if needed.

At some point Phil will say to go. Be careful not to get into any burning debris which may set you on fire. As you run after Phil, you will be told to take out the helicopter, and it does not seem to be a time-limited challenge. In one run-through, Phil and his pal stopped on the sidewalk before the helicopter came and the game would not progress, requiring a restart.

Hop in the van and hit Pause. Set a waypoint on the top bridge to Algonquin. Return to action and follow the GPS path. This usually is not a difficult escape. You may even lose your wanted status before getting to the bridge. Otherwise, once on the bridge, you can floor it down a long, straight, lightly populated road where it should be easy to outrun the cops.