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Their are 20 random characters in GTA4/GTATLAD/GTATBOGT. They are pedestrians, you meet them all over the city. The Required from the 100% Completion. There are 13 males and 7 females in the Liberty City.

Character Time Available Notes Location Unlocked By
Brian Meech 24 hours Hove Beach and Downtown, Broker It's Your Call
Real Badman 24 hours East Island City, Dukes Shadow
Mel 24 hours Hove Beach, Broker Escuela of the Streets
Ilyena Faustin 24 hours Firefly Island, Broker The Puerto Rican Connection
Hossan Ramzy 24 hours Suffolk, Algonquin The Puerto Rican Connection
Sara From 10:00pm to 4:00am-24 hours Suffolk and Fishmarket South, Algonquin The Puerto Rican Connection and Hossan Ramzy
Pathos 24 hours Star Junction, Algonquin The Puerto Rican Connection
Jeff Harlingford 24 hours Jeff's Missions Do Not Count for 100% Completion Cannot Be a Killed. This Will Block the two other Random Encounters, We This Disabled The Two Missions, So Will Not Died Jeff. East Holland, Lancaster and Little Italy, Algonquin Photo Shoot
Cherise Glover 24 hours only the spared from given by Dwayne Forge Mission "Ruff Rider" Do Not Count for 100% Completion. Northwood, Algonquin The Holland Play
Marnie Allen Around Noon-24 hours City Hall and Middle Park West, Algonquin Three Leaf Clover
Eddie Low From 10:00pm to 4:00am Alderney City and Berchem, Alderney Three Leaf Clover
Ivan Bytchkov 24 hours only the spared from given by Vlad Glebov Mission "Ivan the Not So Terrible" Do Not Count for 100% Completion. Acter, Alderney Three Leaf Clover
Clarence Little 24 hours only the spared from given by Francis McReary Mission "The Holland Nights" Do Not Count for 100% Completion. East Holland, Algonquin Blood Brothers
Gracie Ancelotti 24 hours Acter, Alderney Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
Dave Grossman 24 hours The Exchange, Algonquin This Shit's Cursed
Brian Jeremy 24 hours only the spared from given by Jim Fitzgerald Mission "Bad Standing" Do Not Count for 100% Completion. Acter, Alderney Bad Standing
Malc 24 hours Northwood, Algonquin Shifting Weight
Arnaud 24 hours The Triangle and Fortside, Algonquin and Bohan Practice Swing and Chinese Takeout
Daisy Cash-Cooze From 9:00pm to 6:00am Westminster, Algonquin Caught with your Pants Down
Margot 24 hours Purgatory and Fishmarket South, Algonquin Bang Bang

Notable events

Notes: inside the police cars from LCPD Database Record from 6 random characters except from Brian Meech, Mel, Ilyena Faustin, Hossan Ramzy, Sara, Pathos, Jeff Harlingford, Cherise Glover, Dave Grossman, Brian Jeremy, Malc, Arnaud, Daisy Cash-Cooze And Margot Not to the Database Record.

Notes: enter the E to the computer from www.Liberty City Police

Notes: Except From Jeff Harlingford, Cherise Glover, Ivan Bytchkov, Clarence Little And Brian Jeremy Do Not Count For 100% Completion Can Be A Killed In The Game.

Notes: enter the E to the computer from

Notes: we will get the Achievement No More Strangers on the game.

Notes: there are in white a person icon on radar the blue icon on radar in DLCs.

Notes: will of the time of the day the 18 in the 24 hours with Sara, Marnie Allen, Eddie Low, and Daisy Cash-Cooze Between 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM with Sara and Eddie Low Between 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM to the Location.

Notes: The random characters in Gracie Ancelotti is not Marked in GTATBOGT.

Notes: With the around noon for Marnie Allen is overtime.

Notes: Some during missions in Ivan the Not So terrible, Ruff Rider, The Holland Play and Bad Standing in only available in the missions with Ivan Bytchkov, Cherise Glover, Clarence Little and Brian Jeremy if the radar.

Notes: if you cannot a be killed in his wife or friend in Jeff Harlingford has in unlocked in Photo Shoot.