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There are 16 Special Abilities available in GTA IV, GTA: The Lost and Damned And GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Ability Character Effect
Car Service Roman Bellic Ride the Taxi drives
Clear Wanted Kiki Jenkins Remove 3 Stars
Gun Van Armando Torres Buy for Weapons
Bomb Packie McReary The Car Bomb to Donate
Backup Dwayne Forge Get the Boy to the gang members
Clear Wanted Francis McReary Remove 3 Stars
Guns Little Jacob Buy for Weapons
Vehicles Henrique Bardas Get the a Vehicles
Backup Clay Simons Get the Clay and Terry to gangs
Gun Van Terry Thrope Buy for Weapons
Chopper Brucie Kibbutz Ride the Heli Rides
Backup Terry Thrope Get the Clay and Terry to gangs
Bikes Clay Simons Get the a Bikes
Weapons Jim Fitzgerald Get a Weapons
Health Boost Carmen Ortiz Full Up the Heart
Clothes Discount Alex Chilton Get the 50% Discount