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Box artwork for Green Beret (1980).
Green Beret (1980)
Year released1980
Japanese titleグリーンベレー
Genre(s)Run and gun
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Green Beret (グリーンベレー?) (not to be confused with Konami's 1985 beat 'em up arcade game of the same name) is a run and gun arcade game that was released by Irem in 1980; it was the last game to run upon their M10 hardware and utilises a two-directional joystick and a single button. Unfortunately, very little else is known about it due to its preliminary status in MAME (it's been missing a ROM since it was added) - and the screenshots shown in that flyer to the right and below show how it appeared on the monitor of its cabinets before that Konami namesake (which was later renamed "Rush'n Attack") came along.