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Gremlin's company logo.
MergedGremlin/Sega in 1978
For the series of games, see Gremlins. For the similarly named companies, see Gremlin Graphics, and Gremlin Interactive.

Gremlin Industries was an arcade game manufacturer founded in 1973 based in San Diego, California; in 1976, they released Blockade, Comotion and Hustle, all of which are essentially the same game but with some minor differences. In 1977, they released Depthcharge and Safari - and in 1978, they released Blasto and Frogs (Namco also licensed their very first arcade game, Gee Bee, to them for US manufacture and distribution, during that year). In 1979, they released Head On (to which Sega produced a sequel, Head On 2); in 1980, Nichibutsu and Nintendo licensed Moon Cresta and Space Firebird to them, for US manufacture and distribution. Finally, in 1981, they released a vector game called Eliminator, of which there were two versions - a 2-player one (housed in an upright cabinet), and a 4-player one (housed in a cocktail table).

Gremlin became one of the many victims of the video game crash of 1983 and closed in 1984 after being acquired by Bally with all operations moved from San Diego to Chicago. Some of Gremlin's original wall games have since been re-released under different names.


  • Blockade (Gremlin's first released video game)
  • Gee Bee (licensed from Namco; the Gremlin version replaces the "N-A-M-C-O" letters on the bumpers with the company's distinctive "G" logo.)
  • Blasto
  • Frogs