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Unlike other real time strategy games, there are fifteen different technologies, but only five can be active at any one time. Technology upgrades are split into five categories: Tank, Air, Stealth, Artillery, and Economic. Only one of each category can be active at any one time. You can switch between them as the situation demands, though it will require time, resources, and losing your current upgrade.

Researching Upgrades[edit]

Researching techs from the tech menu.

Beta and Human players obtain their upgrades at the corresponding attachment: a tank attachment will obtain the tank technology upgrade, and so on. Economic upgrades are acquired at a silo.

Goo upgrades are obtained at their mother goos, and require one bar of health for each upgrade.

Currently active techs are displayed above the minimap.

Shroud upgrades become available for research as soon as an Amplifier is constructed, and are researched from the Tech Upgrades menu.

Just above the minimap, active and inactive upgrades are listed.

Tech Attachments[edit]

Both beta and human players have tech attachments, but how they function differs slightly.

Beta players: In order for a factory to produce additional units, a factory (or hangar) must be connected to the same hub as a factory to unlock units. Some units require multiple attachments to unlock. Only a large hub can connect all four attachment types plus factories at each end in order to produce all units.

When placing a hub, be sure to ensure the surrounding area is sufficiently clear. If a green square appears in the middle of a much larger red square, that indicates an obstruction for a larger structure, but has enough room for an attachment.

Human players, by contrast, must build attachments directly to the factory. A normal factory has enough slots for three attachments (two on each side, plus one directly behind the unit construction area), while a large factory has four slots - one for each attachment type.

Neither goo nor shroud players have attachments, and their method for gaining materials is outlined in the previous section.