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Options menu - PC[edit]

  • Music and Sound Volume
  • Controller Vibration: This causes an XBox (or similar controller) to vibrate when the character takes damage. This applies to an "assigned" controller even if the player is using the keyboard.
  • Language: Sets the language.
  • Shadow Swap: If enabled, this dimension swaps the character, but not the screen. In one case, this allows terrain elements to be animated when a regular dimension swap would otherwise have them freeze (for example, in the Pico de Gallo.) It may also be set to multiplayer only, allowing one character to fight on the alternate dimension.
  • Resolution: Is the display resolution for fullscreen mode.
  • Fullscreen: If set to no, allows windowed mode. The window needs can be manually resized.
  • Lock V-Sync
  • Anti-Aliasing: If disabled, causes animated characters to look blocky.
  • Projected Shadows: Background objects can cast shadows on other background objects, nothing special.
  • Remap Keyboard, Controller: See Controls
  • Assign Controllers: Determines if Controller 1 is bound to player one. This is automatically turned on when starting a new game.