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Santa Luchita is the hub town, which connects to all other locations in the world.

To Temple of Rain[edit]

When you first enter Santa Luchita, you may find some side quests, but won't be able to act on them until much later, but can get information about them.

Before you can enter the temple, you need to first find Combo Chicken. He will teach you basic combos that you should learn to effectively engage in combat. You can speak with the combo chicken to learn additional combos as well.

Aside from the combo chicken, there's not much else to do.

Side quests[edit]

Isabells wants to create World's Greatest Enchilada. When you speak with her, she asks you to find four ingredients: Cheese, Beans, Chile, and Tortillas.

  • Cheese can be found by speaking to the person just left of Mine Forever.
  • Beans can be found by speaking to the womand down and left of the kitchen.
  • Tortillas can be found to the right of Teddy's Tacos, speaking to the woman there.
  • The Chile can be found much later once you have dimension shift, and is found in the center of town.


  1. Stamina Chunk. Found to the right of the clothesline in the lower half of the town.