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Little Thom's Big Cloak[edit]

You will fist need to get a bear pelt by killing Black Bears within Wizard's Folly. Once you have it, return to Alison to get the cloak, and bring it to The Barradin Estate

The Hunter's Horn[edit]

Chantalle has crafted the Hunter's Horn, and needs you purify it in a healing spring at Regent Valley. Next, you will need to deliver the horn to Aidan in Wizard's Folly.

The Prize Moa Bird[edit]

Pitney from had his prize Moa Bird stolen, and wants it recovered from The Catacombs. You will receive 250 experience, and 2 items.

Across the Wall[edit]

This quest requires two players.

To the west of Ascalon city is a gate. Gate Guard Torin will ask you to locate a ranger on a scouting mission to the north, who got separated when encountering a patrol near Piken Square.

To enter The Northlands, one player must pull the lever on the wall, while the other player passes through the gate.


  • If Gwen is not following, you can find her behind the resurrection shrine near Ascalon City. You can collect Red Iris Flowers, and purchase a flute and cape for her as well.