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  • Sneak out and ambush the Charr froces besieging the academy
  • Return to the Nolani Academy to rendezbous with the prince.
  • Defend Prince Rurik on the way back to the capital city of Rin.
  • Added: Take Stormcaller to Horn Hill


Mission map of Nolani Academy

You will start in the southern section of the Nolani Academy, and will need to exit by an open door in the northeastern corner of the starting location. You will need to walk through a long canyon, fighting Charrs, devourers and gargoyles.

You will eventually reach the wall, which you need to cross over. To reach the Charr siege, make a right turn after climbing down. Defeat the groups of Charr to allow Prince Rurik to exit the academy and head towards the gates to the south.

To the west of gates is a Tome Pedestal, with many devourers defending it.

City of Rin[edit]

A short cutscene begins, with Prince Rurik demanding passage through the gates. He will note that the City of Rin is burning.

After crossing through the gate, you will encounter boulder elementals on the route to the city.

Hollod Prince Rurik down the path. How will reach the hill to use Stormcaller, to extinguish the small fires scattered throughout the city, and reducing the power of the Charr. Proceed into the city proper and eliminate all resistance.

Once you complete the mission, the King will arrive and disown Prince Rurik. Your party will then be dropped at Yak's Bend, after being awarded experience and skill points.