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There are ten Professions, or classes, in Guild Wars. Each is suited to a different role, but in addition to your primary profession each player is allowed a secondary profession, which gives you access to all that profession's skills and all of their attributes except their primary attribute. Secondary professions can be changed, but your primary profession is permanent.

Guild Wars Prophecies[edit]


Guild Wars elementalist icon.png

Elementalists wield the elements, fire, water, earth, air. Although they do have a ranged attack, most of their effect and usefulness in combat comes from their skills which include stat reductions and damage.


Guild Wars mesmer icon.png

Mesmers use skills that hinder an enemy's ability to attack or move.


Guild Wars monk icon.png

Healer. Few offensive prayers, although Smiting skills can be powerful.


Guild Wars necromancer icon.png

Raise the dead, get health and energy from other dying creatures. Most skills require some health sacrifice.


Guild Wars ranger icon.png

Ranged class. Uses bows, can tame wild animals for pets and can call Nature spirits to increase or decrease attributes of foes and allies in an area.


Guild Wars warrior icon.png

Powerful melee class, Warrior's skills are increased by Adrenaline, gained during combat.

Guild Wars Factions[edit]


Guild Wars assassin icon.png

Assassins are melee combatants that employ a strict order of skills, often resulting in one skill needing to be done before another can be done.


Guild Wars Ritualist icon.png

Guild Wars Nightfall[edit]


Guild Wars dervish icon.png


Guild Wars paragon icon.png