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This party has a size of four members.


Search for Bonfaaz Burntfurr's Charr forces.

  • Search north of the Wall to find the Charr army.
  • Report your findings to Captain Calhaan.
  • ADDED: Find a new way back. Run to the Wall.
  • BONUS: Recover the four pieces of Kilnn Testibrie's armor and return them to his tomb.


Start by speaking to the Captain, who will brief you on the situation and tell you to scout for the Charr forces north of the Wall. When you exit the gate, follow the path to the northwest. Be ready to fight Grawl and Devourers. You'll eventually reach a gate guarded by a boss. Defeat it and use the lever to open the gate. Continue to follow the path and head west at the split to find a piece of Kilnn's armor in some wreckage. You don't have the bonus activated yet, but you might as well save yourself some backtracking by grabbing the armor on the way. Go back to the split and head north. You'll come upon a large group of gargoyles fighting with Grawl. You can choose to intervene or just sit back and watch as they kill each other. Keep an eye out for another split in the road (it is hidden, so you may have to backtrack for it). Take the split to the right to find another pile of wreckage with some armor.

Now head under the bridge, ignoring the gargoyles on top. You'll eventually come to Kilnn Testibrie who will give you the bonus mission. Continue beyond him to find the third and fourth wreckages containing his armor. If you are having trouble finding any of the pieces of armor, make sure you periodically stop and look around while holding Alt. This will highlight useable items and drops. Do not kill the boss in the campfire at the end of the path, or you will be unable to complete the bonus! Once you acquire all pieces of armor, head back to Kilnn. Speak with Kilnn to complete the bonus mission, then continue ahead and defeat the boss at the campfire.

Defeating the boss will trigger a cutscene. When the cutscene ends, you must run south until you reach end of the mission. Unless you are very high level, do not stay behind to fight the Charr. If the timer runs out before you make it to the end, you will fail the mission.

Hard Mode[edit]

In hard mode, the Charr move much quicker than normal. You may consider bringing running skills such as Sprint or "Charge!" to help you move faster. Also, if you skip the cutscene, you will have a headstart on the Charr that chase you.


You will receive 1000xp and 1 skill point for completing the mission and an additional 1000xp for completing the bonus on normal mode. In hard mode, you will receive 2000xp, 500 gold, and 1 skill point for completing the mission or bonus.

Tyrian Cartographer[edit]

Completely exploring the Great Northern Wall outpost yields less than 0.1% to the Tyrian Cartographer title.

It will take multiple attempts to completely explore the Great Northern Wall mission area. If you make sure to skirt the edges of the map on the first attempt, you will complete most of the exploration. The second and third attempts, you should be of a much higher level as you will have to run past the Charr that chase you. When the cutscene ends, head north into the Charr instead of away. Run past them and through the path they open up. Explore this fully until the time runs out. The third and final time through, head south like normal after the cutscene. When you reach the group of Charr that flank you, head towards and through them. This will take you west and south to more unexplored map. Exploring these two areas after the cutscene will yield an extra 0.4% to the Tyrian Cartographer title.