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Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2[edit]

Command Normals
Command Normal + (hold)
Special Moves
Business Ninpo: Caltrops + or
├►Under the Rug + or
└►Under the Bus + or
Savvy Ninpo: Request for Approval + or or or
└►Seal of Approval leap to nearby the Request for Approval
 ├►Data Logging
 ├►Down the Ladder
 ├►Stepping Down
 ├►Into my Office
 ├►Safety Net
Special Moves
Resshou +
Savvy Ninpo:
Data Logging
Savvy Ninpo:
Tax Write-Off
Dead Stock
Ninpo: Firesale
+ or
Business Ultimate
Ninpo: All Hands
Instant Kill
Summoner: The Basilisk +