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The Unrivaled Horseman
40 Gamerscore points
The Unrivaled Horseman
Find and complete all of the Horse Challenges.

Earn some money and hone your horse-riding skills by helping local farmers corral up their livestock.


First herd the calves into there small pen this is easy do as the rancher tells you he behind them to make them run forwards and on their left to make them go right an vice versa. After that follow the rancher to the plain be careful not to fall of the cliff he leads you to. Next drive the cattle toward the longhorn easy enough yet again. Now follow the heard there will be a break away before the first fence simply herd the cow back to the main group once you've done that another break away in the different direction so the same you did with the other breakaway and that's the end of that.


Head over to Empire and follow the gully along the side of it. Break the pen using your horse's stamp attack then just heard them back to the barn and they go most of the way on their own yet another side quest done.


Wolves eh? Head on down to the plains but as you can see they aren't on the plains but in the hilly parts near the mine shaft. As the rancher said there are wolves everywhere kill them all using the stamp attack and quick-draw every now and again to the larger groups but most importantly don't use a shotgun.


On the same side of the ranch there is a gap in the mountainside they are in there quick draw the rustlers and smash the fence with your horse's stamp attack. Now heard the calves into the ranch by using the leads calf. Mission ended.


Now the rancher will be moving the herd around just to annoy you and you have to get three calves into the calf pen, it's easy stuff really.


Get a horse and meet the rancher down in the plains with the heard. You've got to form the herd like you did in a previous mission by getting the cows near the longhorn. Once done follow the herd to Dodge but of course things never run smooth in the world of GUN, it's an ambush take out the guys on the ledges and then go behind to take out the horse riders. When you reach dodge there will be a bunch of boxes in the way smash them with your horse's stamp attack to clear the way now do some gentle herding to get them into Dodge


This is the last ranch mission. Get a horse, meet up with the rancher and follow him to Empire. Before the train goes past hurry over to the tunnel and quick draw all the horsemen and then meet up with the rancher again. Follow him again through the gully and that's it for the rancher.