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Games in GunBound are played between two teams of equal numbers of players. Each team can have 1 to 4 players, so games are commonly referred to as 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. The four game modes will be listed below.

End game conditions[edit]

The objective in GunBound is to kill all players on the opposing team before they do the same. Jewel is a special game mode with a different objective.

Draw conditions[edit]

There are certain draw-like conditions, such as for example, if the last two players remaining kill each other at the same time. In most cases, the team which made the final move loses. However, the exact game mechanics are unclear and more evidence is needed to verify this claim.

Killing a player[edit]

Killing a player is is achieved by reducing their HP to zero.

An alternative way to kill a player is by destroying the ground beneath them so that they fall into a bottomless pit. This is known as bunging a player. The infinitive form of this verb is to bunge.

It is possible to damage yourself or members on your own team.

Game mode: Solo[edit]

Each player has one life. If you die, you are out. Eliminate all players on the enemy team to win.

Solo is the simplest and "default" mode, and usually plays faster than other modes.

Game mode: Tag[edit]

Similarly to Solo, if you die, you are out. However, each player can choose two mobiles. The first one has full HP, and the second one has half HP. Once per turn, you may choose to switch between the two mobiles. Each mobile has its own HP bar, which are damaged or healed separately. If the current mobile's HP is reduced to zero, the player is out, regardless of how much HP the other mobile has.

Game mode: Score[edit]

Each team has a number of lives, equal to one more than the number of players. So a 3v3 game would have 4 lives on each team. Whenever a player is killed, their team loses a life. That player can respawn after a certain number of turns. A team wins when they reduce the number of lives on the other team to zero, or eliminate all enemy players at the same time.

Score generally takes longer than other modes due to the respawning mechanic.


After a player is killed, they may click on the map at any time. That location will be shown to all players, along with a counter showing the number of turns until that player respawns. At this time, the player will drop from the sky at that location. Their landing is affected by Wind to a small degree.

After clicking, it takes 4 turns, starting from the turn of the next player in play, to respawn. The order in the turn list where they respawn depends on their Delay; more complex mechanics will be discussed on that page.

Note that it may be advantageous to wait until the right moment to respawn, instead of doing so as soon as possible.

Game mode: Jewel[edit]

The objective is to destroy targets, called Jewels, for points. The first team to reach 100 points or exceed 100 points wins. (Note, it is 100 points regardless of the number of players.) Players do not take damage from attacks.

Jewels randomly drop from the sky, and are worth 5, 10, 25, or -5 points. The ones with -5 points become 5 points after sitting there a certain number of turns. The amount of damage required to destroy a Jewel varies: it takes 100 damage for 5 or -5 points, 200 damage for 10 points, and 300 damage for 25 points. The damage must be dealt in a single turn.

Quick and well-suited for practice.

Player killing in Jewel[edit]

Land can still be destroyed, so it is possible to bunge enemies. If all players are bunged at the same time, the team loses. Otherwise, a bunged player can click to respawn like in Score. They will take two turns to respawn. Lives are not counted, so respawning is free.

This is not a viable way to end the game, but it can be used to slow the enemy down by burying them in land.