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The mobile is the representation of a player in GunBound. It is a combat capable war machine such as a monster truck, a turtle, or an attack drone. This is the thing which has an HP bar, which can kill others, which can be killed.

Yes, it's true there is a player "character" which you can dress up in outfits, which rides on the actual mobile itself. However, it is little more than an accessory to the mobile itself, which does all the real work. Sorry, player characters.

General info[edit]

  • Each mobile has three shooting modes: Shot 1, Shot 2, and Special Shot (SS).
  • Each shot has different characteristics and costs a different amount of delay.
  • Each mobile has a certain movement speed and movement range. Different mobiles may be able to climb different degrees of terrain.
  • Each mobile has an angle range for shooting.
  • The angle range of some mobiles may have light green and dark green areas, where using the dark green areas deal more damage. Other mobiles don't have this difference. The dark green angles are known as true angle.
  • Each mobile has a differently shaped hitbox. The amount of damage a mobile takes depends on where a collision occurs relative to the hitbox.

Mobile classes / attack types[edit]

There are three mobile classes:

  • Bionic
  • Machine
  • Shield

These classes are used for the purpose of damage calculation, and though the damage does not vary too much, it's still worth thinking about. The difference is known to be +4/-4 percentage points.

Bionic mobiles gain more HP from healing effects in general. Machine mobiles take extra damage from electricity, and are damaged by electricity from a greater distance.

There are four attack types:

  • Explosion: equal damage to all mobile classes.
  • Hit: increased damage to Shield, decreased damage to Machine.
  • Electric: increased damage to Machine, decreased damage to Bionic.
  • Laser: increased damage to Bionic, decreased damage to Shield.

Mobile-specific info[edit]

The mobiles in GunBound Classic are as follows:

There is also a Random mobile, which randomly selects one of the above mobiles. This can be done for increased fun factor, or it can keep enemies guessing. It also has a chance of granting the player a legendary mobile...