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You'll find that destroying boxes and blowing up enemies will sometimes yield small flashing green objects. These represent various upgrades you can get (minus the cash bonus). The following is a list of all the power-ups in the game:

Name Effect
Ammo Increases your total ammo. Only affects upgraded weapons.
Auto Makes your normal gun fully automatic. Just hold fire.
Baz The bazooka is a single, very strong laser projectile that can go through multiple enemies. It is the strongest weapon in the game.
Score Gives you bonus cash (points).
Flame A flame thrower that extends from your gun. Uses a lot of ammo, but is good against large targets.
Laser A rapid firing projectile that is stronger than the regular gun.


Throughout the game you'll come across turrets and vehicles that you can control. Simply jump near them to attach yourself to them, and jump again (sometimes in combination with the Neutral Dpad) to unjoin yourself from the vehicle. All vehicles have their own health (although some are invincible), but when they aren't being controlled, they can only be destroyed by you.