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Item Name Description
GunLord Diamond Sprite
Diamond Gives 10 points (and a time extend of 2 seconds in Arcade mode).
GunLord Big Diamond Sprite
Big Diamond Gives 250 points and refills completely the Snake Beam gauge. In Arcade mode it also gives a time extend of 15 seconds and collecting all of them in a stage gives you an extra life.
GunLord Orb Sprite
Orb Dropped by enemies. Gives 50 points and refills 25% of the Snake Beam gauge.
GunLord One Up Sprite
One Up Gives an extra life.
GunLord Time Up Sprite
Time Up Arcade mode item only, they replace One Up items. Gives a time extend of 30 seconds.
GunLord Energy Up Sprite
Energy Up Gives one point of health.
GunLord Shield Sprite
Shield Protects the player from all damages during 10 seconds (except instant death like falling in a pit or being crushed).
GunLord Silent Flash Sprite
Silent Flash Gives an extra Super Wave bomb.
GunLord Crush Sprite
Crush Inflicts damage to every enemies on the screen.
GunLord Weapons Sprite
Weapons Released by shooting generators (or jumping under), they change your weapon depending on their color : yellow is Spread Shot, purple is Phoenix and green is Bounce Blaster.
GunLord Power Shot Wave Sprite
Power Shot (Wave) Temporary upgrades your weapon with waves.
GunLord Power Shot Missile Sprite
Power Shot (Missile) Temporary upgrades your weapon with missiles.

About Power Shots[edit]

The upgrade effect lasts for 15 seconds, but if you don't shoot the timer is slowed down by 50% and if you are in Wheel mode the timer is frozen.
Note that you can't stack 2 Power Shot of the same type, you can do it only if they are different. The second shot will take effect as soon as the first one is finished. However, the timer starts to decrease for the second shot as soon as you pick it up. For example, if you take 2 Power Shots at the same time and fire constantly, the first will last 15 seconds and the second 7.5 (because shooting with the first one is considered as not shooting for the second one so its timer is slowed down to 50%).
Be careful to not hang on to any climbing wall/ceiling since it cancels Power Shots.