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The challenge of scoring is limited for 3 reasons:

  • there is no real scoring system, the only way to get points is to defeat enemies;
  • the small insects generated by the red flying mid bosses can be milked indefinitely (100 points each);
  • the score is limited to 655.350 points (probably due to the variable stored on 2 octets).


GunLord is dynamic and there are some interesting techniques and skips. The use of cheat codes is forbidden when speedrunning. The in-game timer is used to time the runs.

Basic Knowledge
  • the Wheel is the fastest way to move, use it as much as possible;
  • kill as few enemies as possible, you can use the Wheel to pass through them;
  • use Super Waves wisely to clean the screen of shots/enemies/blocks quickly;
  • use every skips/death warps/glitches that save time.
Any% category
In any% the goal is just to finish the game as fast as possible. It can be done in under 13 minutes.
100% category
In this category the goal is to finish the game as fast as possible with a 100% completion rate. It can be done in under 24 minutes.
Low% category
Here the goal is to finish the game as fast as possible with the lowest possible completion rate (unknown value, researches needed). There is no known run yet in this category.