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Stage Elements[edit]

Element Name Description
GunLord Flying Platform Sprite
Flying Platform All these kind of platforms have a small vertical movement, some tricky jumps can be made only if they are high or low enough. You can pass through them vertically from under.
GunLord Falling Platform Sprite
Falling Platform These platforms will fall as soon as you land on them. They will rise to their initial position a few seconds after you left them.
GunLord Moving Platform Sprite
Moving Platform These platforms will start moving in a various way as soon as you land on them.
GunLord Block Sprite
Block Destroy them to reveal hidden items/paths. Sometimes they can be used as platform to access to secret areas. If you destroy them unintentionally just kill yourself and they will respwan.
GunLord Vine Sprite
Vine These plants spread out vine platforms when shot.
GunLord Climbing Wall Sprite
Climbing Wall/Ceiling Glowing blue walls/ceilings can be climbed, just touch them to hang on to them.
GunLord Generator Sprite
Generator Platform that generates items when shot.

About Climbing Walls/Ceilings
To leave a wall, press jump. To leave a ceiling press down and jump. Be careful when jumping to hang on to a ceiling, if you keep the jump button pressed too long after touching it you will fall. It's also possible sometimes to grab a climbing wall from behind, in this case you won't be able to move at all, you can only leave it by pressing down.
Grabbing a wall/ceiling cancels Power Shots, you can still use your normal weapon with one hand.

About Generators
A lot of those flying generators are hidden, to reveal them shoot at them. Shooting at them will also generate items in a specific pattern :

1) Spread Shot
2) Phoenix
3) Bounce Blaster
4) Special Item (optional): Silent Flash / Energy Up / Time Up (Arcade mode only)
5) Phoenix
6) Bounce Blaster
7) Spread Shot
8) Orb (optional)
9) Orb dropped when destroyed (optional)

Shooting generators with powerful weapons can destroy them before they dropped all their items. Prefer weak weapons or hit them with your head from below (it doesn't deal any damage). You can still make them reappear by going away a bit, they will continue the drop pattern where they were. Once a generator is empty it won't generate anything anymore, only an Orb can be dropped sometimes when destroyed again.
The shot Items will always appear from the opposite side where you hit the generator.
They can be used as platform to reach special areas.