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Stage Results[edit]

At the end of every stage, a screen will show a detailed completion rate of the level :

  • Diamonds collected
  • Big Diamonds collected
  • Extends collected: Extends are replaced by Time Extends in Arcade mode. The number required to have a 100% doesn't change even if in some levels there are extra Time Extends.
  • Stage completion percentage
  • Game total completion percentage
  • Actual score
  • Game clear bonus: Only after the last Stage (100.000 points + 5.000 points for every life remaining)
  • Game total play time

When entering the next level, your life will be fully replenished and your Super Wave account will be set to 2 if you have less than 2.


If you get a score high enough, you can register it in the Hiscore Table. Here is the table layout :

Rank | Score | Time | Completion rate | Big Diamonds | Stage | Name

If the score is done in arcade mode, a red "A" letter precedes it.

The line in red color indicates the score you just registered, and green color means game cleared.

The game gives you a code to register your score on a ranking website. Unfortunately the service isn't available anymore.